Certified Insight Coach and Rebel Yvette Flynn Gerardi


Most people hold themselves back from living the authentic life that they deserve. Years of negative self-talk and outdated belief systems have left them feeling trapped. I understand this because I lived many years of my own life feeling “stuck”. Through a long, sometimes difficult (still on-going) journey of self-discovery, I have  realized my life purpose of helping others. I would have never accomplished this without the support of coaches and for that I am truly grateful. We each hold the key to our own happiness within ourselves, sometimes all we need is a gentle guide that can help us to unlock the power that is within all of us.

Yvette holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and has dedicated over a decade of her life to helping children and teenagers become prosperous, fulfilled humans by guiding them towards their dreams. As a certified Insight Coach, she has opened her practice to include all ages. Her passion is connecting with others through listening intuitively. Yvette lives in sunny Florida with her loving husband and two adorable fur babies.  

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