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A 5-month apprenticeship focused on developing the habit of creating clients and coaching powerfully

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Welcome to Week 12 of the ICA!

Since it’s the holidays, this week’s materials will be much lighter than normal!

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What I Learned From Rejection

In the following lighthearted yet powerful video, Jia Jiang shares his experience turning rejection into a game.

You’ll love his story, and in it Jia makes a great point...

“Rejection is nothing but someone’s opinion and preference.”

Makes so much sense.

Later he says something profound yet extremely simple...

“You just have to ask.”

Steve Chandler Information Vs Transformation 

In this audio, Steve makes the distinction between information and transformation, an understanding of which can help us as well as help us help our clients.

When they’re stuck—when things aren’t changing—the question to ask is, “Are you simply taking in the information or are you applying it in order to change?”

Steve Chandler How to Solve Problems

Steve is an absolute genius as well as spiritual guru.

So much of what he says I’ve never heard before, but it’s right on, the perfect truth.

He’s teaching me that through one-on-one coaching, we learn the true nature of reality about people and about ourselves.

Wait to you hear what he says about procrastination!

The Steps To Help Our Clients Solve Their “Problems”

Step 1: Capture the problem. Write it down.

Step 2: Convert the problem into a project.

Step 3: Get help with your project.

Step 4: Complete your project.

Steve Chandler Is It a Dream or a Project?

Ask yourself this question about anything that you want…

“Is it a dream or a project?”

This is a great question to ask your clients as well.

When you convert your dreams into projects you can start working on them and engaging with them. They then become something you can create an accomplish NOW as opposed to never.

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