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Welcome to Week 10 of the LCA4R!

Congratulations! We are at the half-way mark, and you guys are rocking it!

Research Projects

Creating a research project is a wonderful way to connect with potential amazing clients. 

We heard Rich Litvin talk about the idea briefly in the Q&A video from week 7. 

The question that was posed to Rich was, “How would you approach connecting with clients you’d love to work with but haven’t met yet?”

Answer… create a research project. 

Creating a research project was something that Minor, my first coach using The Prosperous Coach approach and one of Rich’s clients, offered me as an idea to help me create a successful group coaching program.

There are SO MANY directions you can go with this idea, but here’s what Minor and I came up with…

My project can help me identify the primary need of my ideal client so that I can create a program specifically to help them. 

I need to come up with the question to ask, and then I can directly Facebook message, text message, and call people and ask that question or ask if they know someone I can ask that question to in order to help me with my project. 

Possible question: What change would make the biggest difference in your life? 

If I ask 50 people and 15 give me the same answer, I can create a program for those 15. 

Then I can reach out directly to them and tell them about it, explaining that the program is by invitation only. 

This process will help me connect more deeply with my followers and friends, and since it’s a project, I have to remember that it will take time. I have to remember that I am in the business of building relationships. 

I bet that this isn’t the kind of project you were imagining. Am I correct? 

When I think about creating a research project, I think about creating something like a book, website, or online resource that will allow me to interview my dream clients. 

And that is exactly what the research project idea can be. But I also want you to be aware that it can also be a way to learn more specifically how you can help people and the kind of coaching or coaching programs you can offer people. 

Either way, having a reason to connect with people and get to know them better will help you tremendously! 

For this week, let’s focus on coming up with 3 possible research project ideas, even if you’re not interested in creating a project over the remaining 11 weeks of this program. 

Coming up with a few ideas will help you and the other Academy students! 

So that will be in the homework. 

Before moving on, though, please take 3 minutes and listen to Rich talk about research projects in the following Q&A video—from 31:00 minutes to 34:00 minutes. 

On Homework

I realize that at this point, doing weekly homework may seem a bit redundant or you may not feel as inspired to do it as you were in the beginning.

But please understand that the point of having nearly the same homework every week is to help you develop the habit of tracking as well as sticking to the plan, which is to play full out with this program over its 20 weeks.

Nearly all success in life is the result of what we do consistently…

The habits we’ve developed to take action toward our goals.

Ask nearly any mainstream self-help expert how to achieve something, and they will point toward the development of empowering habits as the path to success.

See, your mind wants to do anything it can to keep you from experiencing any kind of discomfort or fear...

And going for your dreams is often an uncomfortable and fearful process!

In this regard, your focus—your ability to stay singularly committed to specific actions—is the enemy of your mind.

In contrast, however, your lack of focus—your ability to get distracted by “shiny objects”—is the ally of your mind.

“Shiny objects” are things that appear to help us progress toward our goals, when in reality they only distract us.

It all comes down to what you choose to do with your time.

What’s the “one thing” you can develop the habit of doing consistently in order to create clients and ultimately build a lucrative (highly impactful) coaching business?

Connect. Invite. Create. Propose.

And that’s why have tracking reports!

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Dr. Bruce Lipton On Programming 

In this short but amazing video, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how we are programmed at birth.

He cites the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, one of the top selling books in history on creating a wealth mindset and must-read if you haven’t done so already.

“95% of our life comes from those programs in the subconscious,” he says.

He goes on to explain that our subconscious mind can be reprogrammed through repetition—through practice. 

And as you know by now, I believe, as Napoleon Hill and many others believe, that the best way to reprogram our subconscious is with affirmations.

Here are some great ones for you to use…

I am a powerful coach and creator of clients. 

I easily connect and invite, and my business continues to grow. 

I am getting better at this. 

I am becoming a world-class coach and creating a successful coaching business.  

Marisa Peer’s “I Am Enough” Speech

Marisa Peer is one of the world’s most respected and skilled hypnotherapists.

In this extraordinary video from A-fest, Mindvalley’s annual conference, Marisa shares openly about how some of the world’s greatest minds share the same “disease” as coaches do…

The “I’m not enough syndrome.”

During her talk, Marisa says that she wants to change people and the way to change them is to help them believe that they are enough. We can do this as coaches and we can do this for ourselves.

She also says the same thing so many other great teachers say…

“You’re mind doesn’t care what you tell it. It believes everything you say.”

This is a theme of this week’s materials.

Steve Chandler On Making a Difference:

Steve’s particularly funny in this one. I hope you enjoy what he says about Tony Robbins!

Steve makes an interesting argument against the Law of Attraction. 

He believes that trying to use it in order to get things means we are not enough, which we already know we are.

I don’t necessarily buy into his argument—we do attract what we are and what we focus on—but the idea behind it makes sense. 

Steve wants us to take action. 

He says that clients, partnerships, and relationships are created “by the action we take and the communications we make.” 

I like that. 

He also talks about slowing down how he speaks. I did that with a client, someone who is too busy in life, and it had a great effect on her.

Just by speaking slower on the call, she felt more relaxed and at peace. And then she was more willing to take action in her life around slowing things down herself.

Deep Coaching With Rich Litvin 

In this video, Rich is fully prepared in a way we haven’t witnessed before!

Rich says something really powerful as well…

He says that the essence of what he does is help powerful people remember how powerful they are.

I love that.

What is at the essence of what you do?

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Homework is due by the end of this coming Monday night.

Post your weekly reports as well as anything else I assign in the Facebook group, please! 

With Referrals, give the gift of your time.

These words… “If you know someone who would benefit from what I do, here’s what I'll do. I will offer them an hour and a half of my time for free and that would be a gift from you.”

My Weekly Report

Tracking Report

—How did you do this week with inviting one person each day on average for the 30-Day Invite Game?

Coaching Report

—If you hit your goal for the number of invites, congrats. If you didn’t, did you invite more than last week? That would be a great goal - a steady increase in outcome.

—In terms of building your coaching business, who do you need to be in order to succeed more? (Considering this week’s “I Am Enough” video, this could be a trick question :)

—And how do you become that person?

Research Project

—What are 3 ideas for possible projects you could do in order to connect with and eventually create more clients?


—How many people did you offer the gift of your time in the form of a referral?

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