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Welcome to Week 6 of the LCA4R!

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Success Comes From Service 

Let’s get this week started with Christina Berkley, a prosperous coach on the MindValley platform, Evercoach. 

In this inspiring video, she describes her journey from failure to massive success based on service, from marketing to The Prosperous Coach system. 

This video will open your eyes to what’s possible and make your grateful for the path you’re on. 

Maybe’s Don’t Serve Us. 

In this business of becoming a world-class coach and creating a lucrative coaching business, we are looking for a “hell yes!” or a “hell no!” to our coaching proposals. 

A “maybe” or “let me think about it” or “I need to talk with my spouse” often becomes an opportunity for someone to wait… 

Many people tend to wait for conditions to be perfect in order to take action… 

And it’s a dream killer. 

Procrastination kills dreams, and as a coach and leader I do my best to keep my clients from allowing it to kill their dreams. 

This, of course, begins during the enrolling and proposing phase of our coaching relationship. 

When a prospect wants to get back to me, for example, I give them 24 hours to let me know…

For 2 main reasons: 

If I allow them any longer, often they won’t get back to me within a decent amount of time. 

And because I WANT THE NO! 

I crave NO's. I must have them. I must making getting a NO a HUGE part of my business. 

But let’s hear from Christina on the topic.

She makes some great suggestions about how to end the call after getting a “I need to think about it.” 

She suggests we ask our prospects, “How long do you need to decide?” and then scheduling another call with them to get their answer. 

Great idea and a gentle approach as well. 

Keep Proposing 

In this video, Rich talks about the art of proposing. 

And what he does most importantly is show the necessity to consistently propose…

To say again and again, “This is how much it costs. Does this sound like something you’d like to do?” 

As we continue to develop our practice, while crushing our fears, this is what we are doing. Making the practice of proposing a habit. 

Rich Litvin Fearless Coaching

Let’s watch Rich coach Kendra Cunov on proposing and charging what she’s worth. 

"You just have to ask," he says. 

It's that easy, coaches. You just have to ask and keep asking. 

The Coaching Difference Webinar with Steve Chandler and Dr. Amy Johnson

This is truly a beautiful conversation about the art of coaching powerfully by two world-class coaches. 

Key points to remember… 

What people buy is what happens to them during a coaching session. They don’t buy us. 

Success is when they see life differently and as a result live life differently. 

Step one is seeing how the client sees their world.   

You’ve got to take yourself out of the conversation and allow divine intelligence to activate within the conversation.

You don’t have a problem. You have thinking that looks real. 

Steve Chandler’s 100 Ways To Motivate Yourself

This book is amazing. It will help you personally as well as help you help your clients. 

Get ready to listen deeply and take notes! 

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Homework is due by the end of this coming Monday night.

Post your weekly reports as well as anything else I assign in the Facebook group, please! 

Keep Using The Powerful Questions

Keep Asking For Referrals

Steve Chandler says this could be the most effective tool for creating clients. 

Keep asking, and if you haven't started yet, start. 

And remember... 

It's about keeping the person who gives you the reference "in the referring loop"—letting them know a minimum of 7 times how things are going with the prospect they referred...

Because people want to feel like they are making an impact. 

When you let them know they are, they will want to experience that feeling again. 

My Weekly Report

Tracking Report

—How many people did you invite to have a powerful experience of your coaching?

—How many coaching proposals did you make this week?

Coaching Report

—In terms of building your lucrative coaching practice this past week, what are you most proud of? 

—What fears did you crush this week?

—What failures have you celebrated this week? 

—Did you meet with your coaching partner in this week? 

Homework Report

—What was the most important insight you experienced from this week’s homework and why?

—What did you find most helpful from this week’s "announcement" posts in our Facebook group andwhy? 


—How many people did you offer the gift of your time in the form of a referral?

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