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Welcome to Week 9 of the LCA4R!

We are nearly at the halfway mark, which is when we switch up coaching partners! So get ready for that!

I really want you all to think about consistency and the importance of continuing to take consistent action toward your coaching goals regardless of what your mind says…

30-Day Invite Game

We are approaching the second half of the Academy, and I want us to finish strong!

I want to raise our energy around doing all the things we are committed to doing, especially when it comes to the Invite step, while creating a space that is still exciting.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, the “one-thing” in building our coaching practices—the most important thing we can do to create clients—is invite.

Inviting is what puts us in a position to create powerful coaching experiences as well as make proposals.

And the great coaching truth is that no coaching agreement takes places outside of a coaching conversation—so in order to build business we must spend our time in conversations.

But I think you all know this already.

Beginning this Wednesday, December 5th to Friday, January 4th, we are going to play the 30-Day Invite Game.

We are going to turn the process of inviting and whatever concerns, fears, or hesitations we have around it into fun!

Here’s what I want you to do…

I want you to get on board with me, but not just in an “I’m committed” kind of way.

I want all of us to together to commit to inviting one person each day over the next 30 days…

I want all of us to together to support each other in doing so...

And I want all of us to reach out to one another, check in, and offer encouragement as well as ideas on achieving this goal.

Of course, you can invite more, but the goal is to average one person each day.

If you miss a day, you can invite two the next day, however, the greater goal is to develop the habit of inviting people every day.

This means looking for…

People you can help…

People who need help…

And people you would love to help.

I also want to express an important distinction.

The 30-Day Invite Game is not about quality—it’s about quantity. It’s about simply inviting people, regardless of outcome.

In the book, How To Be An Imperfectionist, Stephen Guise describes the binary mindset—the A/B mindset.

With the goal of inviting one person each day, it’s either A—I did it or B—I didn’t do it.

This means you can call up Pizza Hut and invite the manager. You can ask your spouse or best friend. You can even invite me!

Rather than learning the process of creating clients as well as how to coach powerfully, the most important thing you can learn during this 20-week program is the habit of inviting people.

When you can do that, you will make it in this business, and this program will have been life-changing for you.

I want you to consider as well the idea that with this program, it’s not about the goal… it’s about who you become along the way.

When we get to the end of the 30 days and you’ve invited 30 people, you will be a different person—a more powerful and confident person. And your view on the future of your coaching business will reflect that.


Consider the spiritual principle—what you focus on you find.

In scientific terms we can consider the Reticular Activating System (RAS). 

The Reticular Activating System is the part of the brain that determines what you pay attention to. 

You ever start thinking about particular car or certain kind of shoes, and suddenly you notice the car or the shoes everywhere? 

This is the work of your Reticular Activating System, and it helps you find in the world what you’re consciously aware of. 

When you say, “This is what I want,” anything that relates to that, which you didn’t notice before, will start coming into your focus. 

Our goals and intentions—our mental conditioning—tell our RAS what to pay attention to. It’s like a security guard. It decides on what’s going to get through to your conscious awareness. 

So when you decide what you want—30 people to invite over 30 days—and you condition yourself to look for them, you will find them because… 

We attract more into our lives when we condition ourselves to look for it and receive it! 

Finally, I am fully committed to helping you achieve this goal—helping us a collective group of amazing coaches to achieving this goal—NO MATTER WHAT.

This means that I am available to you every day. I will help you find the people to invite every day. I will give you ever idea I have on how to do so in the most effective way every day.

You’ll see.

One more thing - LOL.

I am going to be showing you a more effective way to invite. You’ll see it below, but for now, listen to this.

I just got off the phone with Yvette. I encouraged her to invite someone over the phone, whoever she had the easiest access to in that moment. It was me.

As an example, I then pretended I was her and asked myself the following question…

“John, what’s your biggest challenge right now?”

I said, “My mind finding ways to do everything except what matters when it comes to creating this free training I am working on. Basically, I am procrastinating.”

Pretending I was Yvette again, I invited me with these words…

“I understand. I know this must be a real concern for you. I hear your worry and probably a little bit of frustration. If it would be useful, let’s find a time to talk so that I can help you get clear on what’s really going and then figure out a plan of action to get you into more action. How does that sound?”

Beautiful and no mention of coaching and no selling. Just serving, which really resonated with Yvette.

This is what we will do this month!

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The Evolution of the Invite Step

What most coaches do is sell rather than serve. 

Most coaches spend tons of their time trying to market themselves and sell their coaching. 

They talk about what great coaches they are, their certifications, the events they’ve attended, the countless lives they’ve transformed, and how they can help you. 

They spend endless hours trying to bulk up their Facebook business page or website or blog or YouTube channel.

See, most coaches waste most of their time trying to convince you in a multitude of creative ways to hire them, but what they don’t realize is that they end up looking needy. 

And as we know, needy is creepy. 

You what you do instead?

Stop focusing on trying to sell people and start focusing on serving them. 

Rather than looking for people we can pitch, as powerful, world-class coaches we listen for people we can help. 

We listen for problems. We listen for hopes and dreams. We listen for ways that people want to improve their lives. 

We then invite people to set aside some time and talk further with us—to have a real experience of how we help people by actually helping them. 

And a great way to avoid trying to sell our coaching is to not talk about it at all and not even mention the word, “coaching.”  

We eliminate the word from our vocabulary. 

You know why? 

People don’t care about coaching. They only care about one thing… 

Whether or not we can help them. 

Moving forward, I want you to try this. 

I want you to start listening for people you can serve rather than looking for people you think might be interested in your coaching. 

Here are a couple of amazing examples of how to invite people… 

Hey Ryan,

I know you expressed real concern over your job and wanting to make a transition. If you’d like to talk, let’s find a time so we can get you some relief as well as a good night’s sleep. We can focus on anything that would provide you with some clarity around what’s next for you. Let me know if you’d like to do that. I have next Tuesday open at 9 am.

Hi Kimberly,

If it would be useful would you like to sit down and talk about what’s happening for you and your husband? I hear your worry and frustration and I know this has been hard. We can take some time and I can listen. I have a few ideas, too, that just might help. Let me know and we can set aside some time just for you.

See how there’s no mention of coaching?

This is the evolution of the Invite step. 

Rich Litvin “Go Deeper: Fearless Coaching, Deconstructed”

Learn from Rich as he coaches 3 of top performers and employs them to go deeper.

Steve Chandler Q & A With His Current Advanced Clients System

We can never get enough of Steve! He continues to enlighten us each week through his insightful suggestions and lighthearted nature.

On this call, Steve points out that service is our primary activity throughout the day. I love that, and when you can keep that truth in mind, crushing your fears in order to serve people becomes easier.

I hope you enjoy when one participant, a former psychiatrist turned life coach, says, “This system is like finding an oasis in a desert of marketing!” Beautiful description and the essence of the Prosperous Coach Approach.

And then toward the end, Steve says that the key to referrals is that it’s not about asking—it’s about giving. That’s an amazing distinction, something we are going to focus on with referrals moving forward. 

Rich Litvin Ask Me Anything

Here’s another amazing call from Rich’s The Prosperous Coach Facebook group.

He offers us a great line to use with clients when connecting and inviting…

“I used to look for clients who I can inspire, but now I’m looking for clients who inspire me.”

Gary Keller’s “The One Thing”

In his book, Gary Keller suggests that with goals we go small, which is doing what we should do rather than could do.

If you narrow down all the possible action steps, what’s “the one thing” you can do that is going to get you further faster?

In the business of one-on-one coaching, it’s inviting people to have an experience of our coaching.

For this week, I want you to listen to the first hour of “The One Thing.” You will learn a ton from doing so, and you can listen to the rest later.

The Domino Effect

In “The One Thing,” Keller says, “Every great change starts like falling dominos,” and it’s no coincidence that he makes this comparison.

Comparing realistic goals achieved with consistent actions to falling dominos is a widely used practice.

You can help your clients by helping them turn their dreams into specific projects and then focus on taking the most basic next step to complete those projects.

Once they crush that step, they can crush the next one. And then as they continue to take action, they will create more and more momentum and power, much like falling dominos.

In the physics of dominos, the basic idea is that one domino can knock over another domino that is one and a half times larger than it.

If you line up 13 dominos, there is two billion times more force created between the 12th and the 13th dominos than was created between the 1st and 2nd.

The following video on falling dominos serves as a perfect example that “small steps lead to big results!”

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Homework is due by the end of this coming Monday night.

Post your weekly reports as well as anything else I assign in the Facebook group, please! 

With Referrals, give the gift of your time.

These words… “If you know someone who would benefit from what I do, here’s what I'll do. I will offer them an hour and a half of my time for free and that would be a gift from you.”

My Weekly Report

Tracking Report

—How did you do this week with inviting one person each day on average (From Wednesday to Monday—6 people)?

Coaching Report

—If you hit your goal for the number of invites, congrats. If you didn’t, list the number one reason why that is the case.

—In terms of building your coaching business, what do you need help with the most?


—How many people did you offer the gift of your time in the form of a referral?

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