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Welcome to Week 14 of the ICA!

You’re going to learn some incredible Insight Coaching tools this week!

The 30-Day Connect Game

Let’s continue with our goal of connecting with 1 person a day (or more) on average through the month of January!

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Michael Neill’s Supercoach Series

Over the last 6 weeks of the Academy, we are going to explore a series of videos by Michael Neill on The Three Principles and Transformative Coaching, which he also calls Supercoaching.



Transformative Coaching is about having a meaningful conversation about the nature of existence, and its premise is that “in order to create the cool stuff,” as Michael says, “you need to be able to navigate relatively free of your psychology. And in order to navigate relatively free of your psychology, you have to have a deeper understanding of who and what you really are.”

Essentially Transformative Coaching is about helping clients to understand the true nature of reality so that they can live more meaningful lives. It’s very similar to Insight Coaching, the main difference being that while they focus on uncovering the Truth about life, we focus on uncovering the truth about our clients’ situations and specific topics.

Michael points out that generally people know what to do, they just don’t do it. And often it’s because they’ve made up a story about themselves and then believed it. “I’m this kind of person.” “I’m not disciplined.”

It’s simply a story they’ve made up to explain why they don’t do what they want to do. But with Insight Coaching, what actually gets people to behave in ways that transform their life and give them more meaning is not better strategies, but rather a deeper understanding of themselves and how they relate to the world. It’s always about Insight—it’s about the realization of something that they couldn’t see earlier.

When you experience an insight—when you have a moment and say, “Yes I get it. Of course that’s true”—you don’t need to apply those insights. You will automatically start behaving differently because you see things differently now.

That’s the power of Insight Coaching.

The analogy Michael uses is that it’s just like trying to open a door outward, and you keep trying to open the door. But it won’t open because the door is a sliding door. And it’s not until you see the truth that it’s a sliding door do you open it. And once you see that truth, you don’t need a bunch of strategies to open the door—you just open it. And from that point forward, it’s easy to open the door. It’s like that with us. Once our clients see the truth about a particular situation, typically they’re able to then navigate it without a lot tou

Introducing The Three Principles

Michael Neill does a beautiful job of describing the Three Principles. According to him…

Sid Banks was able to see past his own mind, and he saw Three Principles, three fundamental constants about how life works and about how the mind works. He then articulated them into words.

The first Principle is Mind, sometimes called the God Principle.

Mind is that something in us that makes us alive—that something behind our brain that makes it work. It’s the Intelligence behind the system, the aliveness and the electricity that runs through us.

The second Principle is Consciousness.

It is that something within us that is aware, that has the capacity to experience life through the senses, and that can not only experience life but can understand and know what’s going on.

Consciousness, he adds, is not just that which, when you go to the movies, allows you to experience the movie like it’s really happening, but it’s also what allows you to know that the movie is not real.

Consciousness is that which is within us that is aware, that is awake, and that can understand and experience.

The third Principle is Thought.

It’s the creative aspect of ourselves. Thought is what allows us to imagine and create anything. It’s what turns that formless possibility into the forms that we see around us.

An Introduction To Bryon Katie and The Work

Bryon Katie is incredible. We talked about her on our last call. As a matter of fact, Steve Chandler told me that he thinks what she does is THE BEST in the business.

Her Work, as she calls it, is a process of inquiry wherein you ask yourself or your clients the following 4 questions:

1. Is it true?

2. Can you know absolutely that it’s true?

3. How do you react when you believe that thought?

4. Who would you be without that thought?

Key points from this video:

—When we believe our thoughts, we suffer. And when we don’t believe them, there’s no suffering.

—The thoughts that aren’t true are the thoughts that don’t come from the heart.

—This process of inquiry allows us to begin to understand our thoughts, and in doing so, we’re able to understand others and the world in which we live. And when you question the thought, it loses much of its power.

—What we’re left with after inquiry is true understanding and enlightenment.

—The ego is made up of what we believe—the thoughts that we continue to believe—and when we question what we believe, we begin to shred the ego.

—When it comes to our thoughts, we have just 2 choices… we either believe them or we question them—there’s nothing else. *Consider that for a minute. It’s so deep and powerful and true.

For more on The Work, go HERE.

An Example Of The Work

This is an awesome example of The Work, Katie’s process of questioning our thoughts. This is powerful Insight Coaching. (You don’t have to watch the entire video unless you want to. Her client sees the truth early on.)

Katie tells her to look at reality because it’s always kinder than imagination. Think about that.

Perhaps the greatest challenges with the human condition, in my view, is that we believe things are the way in which they appear.

And as a result, we make all kinds of mistakes, we get all kinds of resentments, and we tell all kinds of stories that aren’t true.

The most powerful solution to drop these false beliefs is this process of questioning ourselves. “Is that true?” “Can you know absolutely that it’s true?”

Homework is due by the end of this coming Monday night.

Post your weekly reports as well as anything else I assign in the Facebook group, please! 

With Referrals, give the gift of your time.

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My Weekly Report

Insight Journal

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