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Welcome to Week 5 of the LCA4R!

A quarter of the way through, we are still just getting warmed up, yet we are crushing it... 

"It" being our doubts and fears, by continuing to take action regardless of what our mind says! 

I am loving how well things are going so far! Keep it up. 

I want to relate again the story of Kevin, the new coach who spent 10 months and $10,000 getting certified, only to be in more fear than when he started. 


It’s a phenomenon that the LONGER you spend in motion—getting ready as opposed to getting results—the harder and scarier it becomes to actually do what you want to do when the time comes. 

The point, too, of why I am sharing Kevin's story with you is to remind you of how far you've come already...

To show you that NOW is the best time and the ONLY time...

That you don't need to be certified because people only care about one thing...

Whether or not you can help them...

That niches are useless, especially in the beginning when all you need to be doing is coaching... anyone, anywhere, under any conditions. 

Pay attention to the fact that after 9 months Kevin is worried about coaching one person for one hour. 

Imagine the kind of powerful coach you will be after 9 months of using our strategy and trying your best to stick to it. 

Here’s Kevin’s Facebook post, requesting support from friends to “help” him coach people for free in order to complete his certification...


As many of you know, I've been on a 9 month journey with iPEC Coaching to become a certified coach. Afterward, with the International Coaching Federation. My initial focus is with 9-5ers looking to become entrepreneurs. To support them getting out of the mental traps that distracts and steals away from their valuable time, focus and productivity so to create and act on their roadmap. 

This is also my birthday month (everyone needs a Pisces in their life) and after a great coaching call with my practice coach, this question was born. What would it feel like to complete and submit all coursework by your birthday, Friday Feb 23rd, to become certified? 

My stomach SANK, I became nervous 😱, and butterflies started to roll. THIRTEEN DAYS!!!!! Then I remembered the support system I have. Then I remember my Leadership training with Momentum Education. Then I remember the support I have from my wife who has always provided me a space to flourish because of her faith in me. And that is where the plan started to take shape and where YOU can join me.

I am looking for one more person to offer a 1hr probono session. 

Five people to offer a 20-30 min coaching session that represents my final exam.

There is ZERO pitch in these sessions, and even though this is for certification, I take your time and situation serious in giving my all to support you for the time we spend together. And even if I do not hit the birthday date, what I am most looking forward to the most with all that I've learned is the privilege to serve and support YOU!!! 

(I give this post one huge LOL, and I thank God I didn't go his route in this business) 

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Steve Chandler On Referrals

The is one of the most important aspects of creating a lucrative coaching business we will cover.

In the following audio, Steve is going to make his points and say many of the same things over and over again. There’s a reason… 

It’s that important!

Referrals are the number one way you can create clients. 

And even though you don’t have a lot of clients from whom you can ask for referrals, you can ask the prospects you’ve coached for free. 

Remember what I talk about when it comes to the prospects who don’t move forward with your coaching… 

After benefiting from your time and the value you've offered them, they are usually compelled to give back to you in some way. This is called the Law of Reciprocity. 

It’s feeling the need to help someone who has helped you in the past, and it’s another huge reason why we offer our coaching without expecting anything in return… 

In doing so, recipients of our help naturally want to help us, which means they are perfect people to ask for referrals. 

Consider this as you listen to Steve talk about the process. 

He says something very interesting, by the way… 

“The reason why many of the marketing techniques to create clients don’t work,” says Steve, “is because they’re not intimate.”

Intimacy is a key component to what we are doing. 

Steve’s main idea with referrals, however, is that the person who refers people to you wants to make a difference in life, and they want to know that by referring someone to you they’ve made a difference. 

You, therefore, must thank them and “keep them in the loop” a minimum of 7 times. 

This is the essence of benefiting massively from referrals. 

We are going to start asking for referrals and “keeping people in the referring loop” in this week’s homework. 

See the homework section for the exact words Steve suggests on the audio, which I use when asking for referrals. 

A Q&A Call With Steve Chandler

This is an amazing Question and Answer call with Steve Chandler from his program—Advanced Client Systems—which I am in, formerly The Prosperous Coaching School, out of which the book was written. 

You are going to here him talk about asking for referrals on this call as well. 

I’ve taken some notes I want to share with you all… 

Steve suggests 4 ways we can ask for referrals. 

1. Ask your clients for referrals. 

He tells his clients, “If there’s anyone in your world who you believe would benefit from a gift of my coaching session, you have the power to give that to them. That’s a gift from you. And that’s not something I give to everyone in the world.” 

This can be done anytime, by the way. It can be done after we’ve coached people for free, whether they move forward with our coaching or not. 

2. Listen for someone in your client’s world who you can help. 

3. Remind your client at the end of your agreement how they can gift a session to their friends. 

4. Offer your client at the end of your agreement the gift of a 90-minute session they can use anytime in the future. 

You are going to hear me ask a question at about 25 minutes into the call!

I want to remind you that Steve doesn’t focus as much on confronting and embracing the fear as Rich Litvin does and that I do. 

I, even more than Rich, believe it’s the single most important path to greater success and empowerment. 

Notice how on the call he takes me by surprise asking me for my thoughts on the topic at hand, which is something he rarely does on these calls.

If you’re interested in joining his Advanced Client Systems program, let me know! I can tell you how it works. 

Interestingly it mostly consists of three weekend intensives next year in three different states. Plus monthly calls like this and lots of other audio and video content, some of which I am sharing with you! 

A link to his site if you want to see what it’s about is HERE.  

Steve Chandler Podcast Interview

There's a ton of great info on here, but most importantly, we get to hear Steve tell some of his life story, which at this point we need to hear. We need to know this guy better! 

Pay attention to how he credits reading the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, as starting his spiritual and life coach-crushing journey. It is the most important book written in the history of self-development, in my view. 

Download a free copy for yourself or your clients HERE.

A Few Minutes With The Ultimate Coach

Steve Hardison, Steve Chandler's coach for more than 20 years and the Ultimate Coach, shares some great tips in this 3-minute, rare video. You probably recall from his TBOLITNFL video that he doesn't do videos. 

Pre-enrollment Email To A Prospective Client

Inspired by Steve Chandler’s personal guidelines for sending a post-enrollment email to a new client, I realized that I could send an honest, inspired and encouraging email to clients between our first and second free calls—a pre-enrollment email. 

My own guidelines: 

1. Get inspired and connected to my deeper self through my morning practice. 

2. Focus my thoughts on my prospective client and his or her positive traits. Ask myself, “What makes them a powerful creator?”

3. Send a fearless message, something that comes from a place of absolute honesty and love and authenticity. Be bold and communicate with them in a way no one else ever has, a way they will never forget. 

4. Hit send. 

Here’s an example...


Up early, envisioning an increasingly better life, helping more and more people, making a greater and greater impact on the world, and suddenly I thought about our conversation yesterday. 

Your time is here. It's now. You are such an extraordinary person - powerful creator and communicator. Poised. Confident. And ready. 

You are unlimited potential manifest, and it flows from you, from your words. From your being. From your soul. 

I congratulate you! 

I feel certain that just as the astrologer has seen, your time has come. 

Can't wait to connect again. 

Loving and supporting you, always, 


Steve Chandler’s Post-enrollment Email To A Prospective Client

In Steve’s own words… 

Inspired by a conversation with master coach Kamin Bell Samuel, I thought I’d share with all of us my own personal guidelines for sending a post-enrollment call email to a prospective client.

The post-call Reflection, in my experience, has often been the tipping point that had a client go from THINKING they wanted to work with me to KNOWING they did.

My own guidelines:

1. Study my notes from the early-intake call(s) so that my reflections are about what my prospect wants.

2. Get peaceful enough to allow my ego to fade out and my compassion and love to be in charge.

3. Write the email that I would want to receive if I were that person, sometimes sharing my own experience, strength and hope as it relates to the line of development my client wants to grow.

LCA4R Homework.png

Homework is due by the end of this coming Monday night.  

Post your weekly reports as well as anything else I assign in the Facebook group, please! 

Keep Using The Powerful Questions

Keeping Adding To Your Stories Journal

This is an integral part of coaching powerfully and creating clients. And on the next group call we will take turns sharing powerful stories, highlighting the powerful coaching we do. 

Keep Playing The NO Game

Through September, your job is to collect as many No's as possible to your coaching proposal. You should have set your goal with the number of No's you intend to collect. 

Now get to proposals! There are three ways this will go... 

"Does this sound like something you like to do?" 

"Yes. Great!"

"Maybe. Well let's talk about that. I like to work with committed people - people who are a 'Hell Yeah!' I'll tell you what I am going to do. I'm going to give you until tomorrow at 5pm to make a decision. If I give you any longer to think about it, your mind will convince you to make a decision that is clearly not in your best interest, and science has proven this. So get in touch with me by 5pm tomorrow, and if I don't hear from you, we will call it a No for now. And we can revisit working together in the future."

(This way I am the leader, and I get my No.)

"No. Fantastic! Thank YOU! Yes! I LOVE No's! You are awesome! It was a pleasure serving you, and even more of a pleasure getting a NO!" 

(Client's like I don't know what's up with him, but I want to be like him!) 


This week I want you to start asking for referrals and tracking them. 

To do so, I created a chart like this... 

Referrer - Prospect - Minimum 7 Contacts

Steve - Michelle - III

I asked Steve for a referral, and he sent Michelle my way.

Since offering her a powerful experience of my coaching for free, I have kept Steve "in the referring loop" 3 times.

Regardless of how things work out with Michelle, I will contact Steve at least 4 more times to let him know how things are going (or not going) with Michelle.

As a result, I will keep him in the loop and keep him interested in sending me more referrals! Let's hope Michelle becomes a client! 

The words Steve uses to ask for referrals...

“I get my clients through referrals. I don’t do a lot of marketing. I look to people who know have an inside knowledge of what my coaching is like. If you know someone who would benefit from what I do, here’s what I'll do. I will offer them an hour and a half of my time for free and that would be a gift from you. And I wouldn’t try to sell them in any way. I don’t do that, and I would never do that to anyone you send me. Now can you think of someone right now who would benefit from what I do?


If you haven't completed the survey, please do so HERE

It takes 3 minutes. 

My Weekly Report

Tracking Report

—How many people did you invite to have a powerful experience of your coaching?

—How many coaching proposals did you make this week?

The 30-Day NO Game

—What is your goal for the number of No's to your coaching proposal you intend to get and how many No's did you get this past week? 

Coaching Report

—In terms of building your lucrative coaching practice this past week, what are you most proud of? 

—What fears did you crush this week?

—What failures have you celebrated this week? 

—Did you meet with your coaching partner in this week? 

Homework Report

—What was the most important insight you experienced from this week’s homework and why?

—What did you find most helpful from this week’s "announcement" posts in our Facebook group andwhy? 


—How many people did you offer the gift of your time in the form of a referral?

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