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Welcome to Week 2 of the LCA4R!

You guys are doing an incredible job already, yet you can do a little better.

This reminds me of Shunryu Suzuki. 

Shunryu was a Zen monk who is renowned for spreading the Buddhist tradition to the West.

He built the first Buddhist monastery outside of Asia, and to this day, the most important Buddhist center in the United States is the one he founded, The San Francisco Zen Center. 

If you can, go there for the 5:30am Zazen (sitting meditation) practice, and you will begin to understand for yourself the impact he made on the world. 

The main point of this is that when he was still alive and teaching meditation there, he used to tell his students... 

"Each of you is perfect the way you are... and you can use a little improvement. 

Take some time this week to reflect on how far you’ve come in such a short period of time... 

And then tell everyone you know so that they will sign up for my next Academy class! 

Just kidding. 

No I’m not.  


People have to know who you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re offering. 


After reflecting on your progress so far, reflect on how you can improve a little this week. 

What can you do this week that you didn’t last week? 

What fear can you lean into more? 

How can you put yourself in a position to be a little more uncomfortable? 

Complete this self-coaching exercise, and then take some action because... 

As Rebel Reality #5 states, Action is the antidote to fear and the avenue to success.

By the way, do you know how Shunryu Suzuki was able to make the greatest impact on the spread of the Buddhism to the West in the history of the world? 

By being fucking fearless. 

Keep coaching and being coached by your partners. 

It’s you coaching one week for an hour and then being coached the next week for an hour. 

Ask insane questions and coach like a mad person. 

“Partner, imagine I am the most powerful coach in the history of the world BECAUSE I AM and I can therefore create miracles in your life—what miracle do you want to experience over the next hour?" 

"Partner, what’s your biggest fear—your secret fear—the biggest fear you’ve never shared with anyone? I want to help you crush it over the next hour." 

Make sure you take some time to review over the "Executing Your Coaching Calls" section from last week’s "Study Materials."

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Offering Powerful Coaching Experiences For Free On Facebook

As you know, within this Client Creation System, social media is not necessary, yet it can certainly be helpful.

Regardless of the path you take to Connect and Invite, the first two Client Creation Steps, you MUST let people know who you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re offering.

From my personal experience, I’ve found that when I invite—when I offer people a 1.5-hour Powerful Coaching Experience (PCE) for free—posting the offer on my personal Facebook page attracts people who only want something for free.

Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially in the earlier stages of your journey to world-class coach status, but it’s something to be aware of…

And it’s something that would be a good idea for you to learn yourself from your own personal experience.

So go for it! 

But in the following three examples of Facebook posts, I wrote them within targeted Facebook groups, groups with members I want to coach, which are usually the Tony Robbins groups.

His following, in my view, is the best because…

They are willing to invest in themselves by having already gone to his expensive events…

They understand the importance of having a coach—Tony talks about it constantly…

And most of them are perfectionists with massive dreams to change the world yet no clue how to get started.

In writing an effective Facebook Powerful Coaching Experience Offer, you must write something of substance, something that draws the reader in and connects them to what you’re offering because of your authenticity and honesty. 

Begin with a compelling narrative.

Talk about what you’ve learned in life or what you believe. 

Talk about the pain you’ve experienced in your life or the challenges you’ve overcome. 

And then talk about what you’re offering and why.


Check out these 3 examples of my Facebook PCE offers, which worked really well, helping me Create—create PCE’s for a ton of people.

See my Facebook PCE Offer #1 HERE

See my Facebook PCE Offer #2 HERE

See my Facebook PCE Offer #3 HERE

Know The Half-life Of Enthusiasm

"Know the half-life of enthusiasm," as Steve Chandler, "the coach of your coach, one the top coaches in the world, and author of more than 30 books" (remember to share that with your prospects), says on page 52 of The Prosperous Coach. 

After you’ve drawn the interest of a prospect to your coaching or to your Powerful Coaching Experience free offer, understand that their enthusiasm will fade over time. 

So take action immediately! 

As soon as they respond to your Facebook post or message or email or your verbal offer to coach them, get their email address and phone number and schedule the call using Google Calendar. 

Offer them two call times, even if you have 200 available, and be the leader in the relationship from the start. 

And most importantly don’t wait more than one minute. 

Steve Hardison has a distinction called "Event-Action." 

Take action as soon after the event as possible. 

The event might be the prospect commenting, "I’m interested in free coaching" on your Facebook post or message. 

Or it might be you directly inviting them to a PCE of yours in person or over the phone and them expressing interest. 

Or it might be you doing a Facebook Live video or participating in or speaking at an event and people expressing interest in your coaching or connecting with you.  

No matter what, schedule the call ASAP! 

I had a client who created a beautiful Facebook post, offering people an experience of her powerful coaching for free.

It was vulnerable, compelling, honest, and inspiring, and it drew the attention for 11 people. 

She had 11 people say they wanted to have a call with her. 

When I spoke with her 5 days after the post, do you know how many people she had scheduled calls with yet? 


"I haven’t gotten a chance to respond yet. There were so many," she said. 

Do you know how many people she ended up coaching? 


Don’t be like her. 

Do you know what happened to her? 

She works at Wal-mart now. 

Just kidding, but remember... 

Rebel Rule #2 is "I am not waiting anymore - NOW is the best time and the only time."

Avoid Coaching Without Permission

Coaching without permission happens all the time, not only between clients and coaches but also on social media as well as in our personal lives.

Basically, it’s giving people your answers or your solution when they haven’t explicitly asked for them. It’s offering unsolicited advice, and besides being an unfair tactic, the problem is that it doesn’t work.

When you post on Facebook, for example, and someone comes along and offers you their opinion on why you’re doing life incorrectly, does that ever make you want to change?

With the kind of gentle and supportive coaching we are learning to do, we always want to be asking for permission.

“Would you mind if I shared with you something that has worked well for me and my clients?”

When you ask for permission, you stand a far better chance of actually helping someone.

A Conversation Between Master Coaches

This is one of the most important pieces of coaching content I’ve ever consumed, and it comes at the perfect time. 

You will learn the importance of being a leader from the moment you begin to interact with your prospect all the way through the enrolling process. 

You will also begin to the learn the art of proposing. Listen to what Ron Wilder says about moving the context of the proposal onto the prospect and his or her goal, rather than on what you, as the coach, charge. It’s genius. 

Rich Livin Ask Me Anything

You will learn a ton about the Prosperous Coach Approach as well as the coaching business from this video.

I especially love when Rich says, “Confidence is a result, not a requirement.”

Important truth to remember and something you can relate to your clients.

The Rebel Money Mindset Shift

Here’s what you asked for…

A comprehensive guide to the tools and practices I’ve used to shift my relationship with money.

Download it HERE.

Guiding Toward Insight Rather Than Giving Information—A Case Study

This week’s Case Study is THE MOST POWERFUL EXAMPLE of how this entire process works. 

Just wait until you read what happened!  

View and download this week’s Case Study HERE

LCA4R Homework.png

Homework is due by the end of this coming Monday night.

Post your weekly reports as well as anything else I assign in the Facebook group, please! 

Study This Week’s Materials

One of the most important things you can do to be successful is to consciously slow down. 

Do this. 

Slow down and go through this week’s materials slowly. 

Listen to the Steve Chandler and Ron Wilder more than once. So far I’ve listened five times, and each time I’ve gotten something out it. 

Start a Stories Journal. 

If you don’t recall what that is, check the announcements section of our Facebook group for a post from the Introduction week. It explains the process. 

Start keeping note of stories of you being coached and how that’s transformed your life or how you’ve transformed the lives of some of your clients. 

If you haven’t coached yet, you soon will be with your new coaching partner! Take note of breakthroughs or any stories of significance that could help prospective clients. 

Your Personal Internal Committment 

After watching last week’s Steve Hardison T.B.O.L.I.T.N.F.L. video, you know how life-changing it is, especially if you’ve made the decision to become the best coach in the world, top of the business and world-class, like me. 

(If you haven’t watched the video yet, scroll below and find it in Week 1.)

Steve Chandler says, “Greatness is a job requirement in coaching, just as it is in athletics and the performing.”

“You MUST,” he adds, “every day move toward absolute mastery and greatness.”

You know why?

Because your clients won’t.

So it’s job. 

This week I want you to write out your Personal Internal Commitment and add it to the bottom of your Weekly Report.

(Remember, your weekly report changes each week, so always come back to the current week’s content—here—to find it.) 

Here’s my version of becoming The Best Offensive Lineman In The National Football League.


The Best Life Coach And Rebel In The World.

I Am becoming a world-class coach. 

It is done. 

I Am a powerful creator, fearless leader, and I no longer allow what I think others think about me to keep from from becoming who I am destined to become. 

I no longer give a flying fuck. 

I Am an action-taker, and I take action NO MATTER WHAT. 

I Am also a Rebel, which means I have decided to make an impact on the world NO MATTER WHAT. 

I maintain singular focus on this newly committed life purpose and destiny of mine, and that means I stop allowing my mind to distract me and convince me to go here or go there or take that rip or sign up for that event. 

I stick to the plan. 

I coach. I try. I fail. I keep going, and I keep growing. 

World-class. Top of the business. Creator of miracles. Lover of people. Relentless servant. And Rebel

So let it be written, so let it be done. 

My Weekly Report

Tracking Report

—How many people did you connect with this week, which is to directly let them know you’re coaching?

—How many people did you invite to have a powerful experience of your coaching?

—How many coaching proposals did you make this week?

—How many No’s did you get and celebrate? 

Coaching Report

—In terms of building your lucrative coaching practice this past week, what are you most proud of? 

—Did you meet with your coaching partner in this week? 

Homework Report

—If you got it done, please write your Personal Internal Committment here: 

Back to Main Coaching Academy Page HERE.