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Welcome to Week 20 of the LCA4R - FINAL WEEK!

I can’t believe it’s over. What a journey. Thank you SO MUCH for joining me these past few months. Each and every one of you changed my life for the better! I love you forever!

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Bryon Katie’s Video That Steve Chandler Said Is the Best Coaching He’s Ever Seen

Michael Neill’s Supercoach Series - The Difference That Makes The Difference In Relationships

Here are the last 4 videos in this series. I’ve been listening to them every day, and they are changing how I understand myself as well as changing how I coach people. Simply amazing content.

How To Ask For What You Want

The Secrets To A Lifetime Of Financial Security

Putting It All Together

Waking Up to Your Own Creativity with Steve Chandler

Steve is an enlightened soul. In this video with Ankush Jain, he talks about creativity and relates it to learning how to ride a bike. Just like a child jumping on a bike to learn how to ride, it’s in the doing that we begin creating and learning. We don’t wait until we’re ready or feeling confident to take action.

It’s worth noting, too, that Steve says he would tell Steve Hardison all this problems, and Hardison would say, “Given this situation, what would you like to create?” 

Steve Chandler - Personality Reinvented

Steve says the biggest problem small business owners have is trying to please rather than serve.

When creating clients, he suggests, show your prospects how coaching works by serving them directly. Why? Because service is a direct application of love and effectiveness from one person to another, whereas pleasing is the opposite. It’s manipulating, and it’s somehow trying to trick someone into doing something.

Steve Chandler - People People:

People People are people who are good with people and are willing to learn how to connect with people at a deeper level. Steve’s take on the subject is really interesting, and I believe it will help you remember to always be a people person.

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I will be offering you an official Insight Coach Certification very soon! Thank you again! This has been an epic ride, and all of you crushed it! The truth has been that with goals, it’s not about the goal, it’s about who we become along the way… and all of you have become extraordinary.

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