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Welcome to Week 19 of the LCA4R!

I can’t believe it’s almost over! You all have totally crushed it!

This week we will continue with the Michael Neill Supercoach series, plus the usual wisdom from Steve Chandler as well Rich Litvin.

But first I want to bring your attention to a recent Facebook post, which could transform how you propose by offering a way to do so without mentioning coaching at all. Check it out HERE.

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Michael Neill’s Supercoach Series - A Whole New Way Of Thinking About Goals

I can’t even describe this stuff, so I won’t! Enjoy, my friends…

The Simple Way To Make Decisions

A Radical New Understanding Of Human Emotion

Productivity At The Speed Of Life

Steve Chandler - Purpose Vs. Personality

As always, Steve offers an incredible distinction between the two modes of living.

Living by Purpose is what gives us energy and drives us, whereas living by Personality causes us hurt feelings.

Steve Chandler - Serving Vs. Pleasing

Steve says the biggest problem small business owners have is trying to please rather than serve.

When creating clients, he suggests, show your prospects how coaching works by serving them directly. Why? Because service is a direct application of love and effectiveness from one person to another, whereas pleasing is the opposite. It’s manipulating, and it’s somehow trying to trick someone into doing something.

Rich Litvin - Deep Deep Coaching

The art of deep coaching, according to Rich, is in seeing things that no one else can see (including the client) and saying things that no one else would dare to say.

Enjoy this video in which Rich takes Kelly Childress deeper and deeper and deeper into greater vulnerability and ultimately a massive insight.

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Homework is due by the end of Monday night!

Post your weekly reports as well as anything else I assign in the Facebook group, please! 

With Referrals, give the gift of your time.

These words… “If you know someone who would benefit from what I do, here’s what I'll do. I will offer them an hour and a half of my time for free and that would be a gift from you.”

My Weekly Report

Tracking Report

—How many people did you invite to a PCE?

—How many coaching proposals did you make this week?

Coaching Report

—What’s the best thing that happened this week with your coaching—either coaching others or being coached?

Personal Report

—How are you feeling about your future in this business?

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