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Welcome to Week 18 of the LCA4R!

We are nearing the finish line, and I’ve got some amazing surprises for you, including this week’s group coaching call as well as a Michael Neill series for the last three weeks of Academy Materials!

There’s also an invaluable section on proposing.

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Bright Shiny Object Syndrome - A Common Professional Coaches Disorder

This short video by Carolyn Freyer-Jones is extremely pertinent for all of us!

You’ll see :)

Michael Neill’s Supercoach Series

Over the last three weeks of the Academy, we are going to explore a series of videos by Michael Neill on The Three Principles and Transformative Coaching. 

You are going to love this. Michael’s take on coaching as well as the nature of reality is profound yet simple and easily applicable. Up first is the Introduction…

Introducing The Three Principles

Why Happiness Is Closer Than You Think

The Power Of Hope

Steve Chandler - The Focused Leader

As you recall, what clients want, although they might not realize it, is a leader—someone who is assertive, someone who takes charge, and someone who can lead them to where they want to go and to places they have not been.

It’s up to you to demonstrate leadership throughout the entire relationship, and the more you can do that, the more confident your clients will be in you and your coaching and your leading.

In this 1-hour audio Steve describes the ability on the part of a leader to be absolutely focused. He suggests a relaxed sense of leadership in which we slow down, take our time, and work on one thing at a time.

When we can do this, we will be more effective and productive, and everything will feel better and get better.

The Basics Of Proposing

The other Academy class asked for additional help with proposing, so for the week 8 Academy Materials I included all the content I have on the subject and then created my current take on the best way to propose based on what we’ve learned from Rich Litvin, Steve Chandler, and Ron Wilder. This is it…

When the time is right, probably at the end of a second free Powerful Coaching Experience, the client will ask you what it looks like to work together (that’s always the best), or you can say, “Would you like to talk about what it would look like for us to work together?”

Then you can ask…

“What do you think is possible if we worked together?”

“How do you envision me helping you create or accomplish what you want?”

Depending on their answer, ask more questions. Get curious. And keep the context of the conversation on possibility.


“What else would you want to create?” 

Take them deeper into possibility and ask, “What would you want to create if anything is possible with my help?”

Offer them some of your own amazing ideas on how you can help them.

Create a sense of hope and excitement around what’s possible for them, and get excited yourself.


“Let’s look at the value you and I working together would bring to your life because if that value isn’t there, then it wouldn’t be worth it to work together. Not for you or for me. I only work with people I can help. Now let’s say we work together for six months and you fulfill your goal, what will that do for you?”

Slow the conversation down. Pause when you can, and remember that you’re not in a hurry.

Next, offer them a plan for how you can help them create what they want in their life.

Be thinking about this before the call, by the way. Think about what you two discussed and how you can help them. Go deep within yourself, and be prepared to create a plan specific to their needs and wants. Be prepared to wow them with your ideas.

Remember, too, that you are not selling. You are serving. You are coaching. You are guiding them to make the best decision for themselves, whatever that is.

Present to your clients what needs to happen next because they don’t know.

“If we decided to work together, here is what we would do…”

Stay in the clients world. Keep the conversation focused on how you will help them achieve the outcome they want.

Use the words “so that.”

(Here’s some of my original proposal, which I don’t always use anymore. It’s a bit too structured for me, but it comes from Rich Litvin’s take on proposing in which he suggests we choose a few areas to focus on from his “Litvin List” on page 211 of the Prosperous Coach.)

“First we will focus on Clarifying Your Vision so that you can get really clear on what you want to create over the next 6 months… Often my clients think they want one thing, but through our coaching they realize what they really want is much bigger than they previously imagined. Let me give you example. I coached a woman in Sweden…”

“Then we will focus on Your Why—the goal behind your goal—so that you can keep going no matter what, in case you ever feel like quitting or procrastinating or trying to make something perfect. Knowing your why and being able to stay committed to it is essential because it’s where the drive comes from…”

“Next we will focus on belief and getting to the core of the limiting beliefs holding you back so that you can become an unlimited creator. See, one of the challenges for human kind is that we believe things are the way in which they appear. But usually they are not. Usually they’re not true. They only true because we make them so through our thoughts. And a belief is just a thought we continue to think. We can change our beliefs by changing how we think—by beginning to believe a different truth, a new truth. Let me give you an example. I coach an extremely introverted musical genius in Manhattan who started a band with Moby, and when we first started working together, he believed that in order to be successful he needed to be social…”

Sometimes I talk about mindset as well as strategy, but I think you get the idea.

The bottom line is that you want to stay in your client’s world and focused on their specific desired outcome. Then when you present your coaching fee, it’s not for a duration of time but rather a specific outcome with which they now believe your help is imperative to achieve.

And remember, it’s all about practice! You will get better and more confident with repetition!

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Homework is due by the end of Monday night!

Post your weekly reports as well as anything else I assign in the Facebook group, please! 

With Referrals, give the gift of your time.

These words… “If you know someone who would benefit from what I do, here’s what I'll do. I will offer them an hour and a half of my time for free and that would be a gift from you.”

My Weekly Report

Tracking Report

—How many people did you invite to a PCE?

—How many coaching proposals did you make this week?

Coaching Report

—What’s one big idea for how you will grow your coaching business this next year?

Personal Report

—What are you grateful for today?

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