Time Warrior

This book, written by Steve Chandler, my coach, is life-changing.

I remember first reading it, and by the time I was on page 11, I felt certain that my life would never be the same!

Only after page 6, I began getting things done NOW, rather than waiting.

I got an idea, for example, and as I was about to write it down on a piece of paper, a list of things-to-do-today, one of many scattered around my desk back then, blocking me and keeping me from enjoying the present and being creative, I hesitated...

And then, rather than writing it down, I immediately put the idea into action...

And as a result, I immediately felt powerful.

Whoever you are reading this, whatever you do or don't do…

Do get this book ASAP!

And I recommend reading it as well as listening to it on Audible.

Time Warrior is HERE.