George Pransky The Truth About Stress 

I have found this 3-part video series VERY helpful...

Most people do NOT know where stress comes from, and Pranksy’s insights can be enlightening.

Here’s some of what he says, as I interpret it…

The challenge with stress is that we accept it, even a high-level of it. And the reason why people accept stress is because they don’t understand it. 

Stress is an experience, something you feel—it’s a sense of tension and pressure—it’s not a stressful situation. 

Stress, in this definition, is not a good thing. 

When people are tense, they don’t do well.

The prevalent model of stress is the Outside-in Model. Stress are particles in the air that you can catch, like germs that give you cold. You get near stress and suddenly you’re stressed out. 

Given this model, there are 2 solutions according to society…

1. Stay away from stress—limit your involvement in life.

2. Stress management—you take it as a given that you are going to experience a certain amount of stress, so you do things to reduce it: meditation, therapy, singing, exercise, yoga… 

The problem with this model is that it doesn’t fix the problem. 

Inside-out Model

Here you don’t catch stress—you are actually manufacturing it in your mind by your thoughts. 

In this model, you don’t’ have to avoid situations or try to release or reduce it. Rather, you just need to understand how it happens so you don’t generate it. 

The reality of stress is that it doesn’t really exist—it just appears to exist. So when we experience stress, our thinking is simply creating the feeling of tension.  

We create our feelings, including the stressful ones, by the thoughts we continue to think. 

We have to change the thought—it’s impossible to have a happy thought and a sad feeling. 

Your feelings tell you about your thoughts.