Creating Your Own Rebel Coach Profile Page

We are grateful to offer you a custom Rebel Coaching Profile Page.

Having a custom page on our website is a huge opportunity to connect more deeply with the Rebel brand.

It will also increase your leverage and professionalism in the eyes of your clients. 

Custom Rebel Coaching Profile Pages are $150.

This includes one 1-hour video call to set up your page and one future revision in order to change or update your page.

*Your page is available for your lifetime or as long as you are a Rebel Coach.

*Additional revisions, which include one 30-minute video call are $50. 

*Stylistically your page must align with the rest of our website to a reasonable point. In other words, it can’t be too crazy...

But we encourage you to be yourself and express yourself! 

To purchase a Custom Rebel Coaching Profile Page, you can pay HERE

We can also offer you a custom Rebel Against Yourself email address. 

If your name is Michelle, for example, your email address could be... 

Custom Rebel email addresses are $120 per year. 

To purchase a Custom Rebel Email Address, you can pay HERE

(Since the Profile page is a one-time payment and the Custom Email is a yearly recurring payment, you must complete 2 transactions)

Your custom page link will look like this...

(First name, last name, or both) 

Tips to create your custom webpage:

Include a short bio and a photograph of yourself

Offer ways for people to get in touch with you, such as email, phone number, and Facebook Messenger

You can create an instant link to your Facebook Messenger, such as this...

Contact me on Facebook Messenger here:!  

All you have to do is create your instant link URL. 

To do so, add the URL name of your personal Facebook page to “”

For example, the URL name of John’s personal Facebook page is “JohnTStrasserProfile” (see the pic below and notice it’s underlined) 

My FB.png + JohnTStrasserProfile =

During our session, we can make it look even better, like this...

Contact me on Facebook Messenger HERE.

(Try it)

We can also help you create a custom link to email you directly from your Rebel Coach Profile Page, such as this... 

Email me directly HERE

Rather than using text, another option is doing this... 


Include some pictures. 

These are some great sites to find free pictures...

Add a Facebook comments link in order to get some reviews, like the one on this page:

We kindly ask you to have your coaching clients leave you a comment/review on our coaching page in addition to your coaching page.

Add the Rebel Rules to your custom page as well as other important Rebel Truths you consistently share with your coaching clients. 

You can even add a downloadable PDF of the Rebel Rules to your page, like this...

Download a free copy of the Rebel Rules HERE

***For the 1-hour appointment to create your page, please have everything written and ready and email any photos to