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When you stay in your head—your dreams are dead. When you allow your mind guide your life, you go nowhere.

Your mind wants to keep you safe - too safe.

It keeps you from trying… it tells you that next week or next month or next year is a better time to try.

Your mind tells you that your conditions must be perfect and you must be perfect.

Your mind tells you to give up or go back to sleep or watch Netflix all night.

Your mind tells you anything it can to keep the REAL YOU from emerging.

Remember, you are not your fears. You are not your failures. You are not what others people think about you. And you are not what your mind tells you.

You are unique. You are powerful. And you are incredibly creative.

You have unlimited potential, and the only thing standing in the way of your dreams is YOU.

This is good news. This means you have a choice. You can choose to keep doing what you’ve always done, which means you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten…

Or you can choose to Rebel Against Yourself—to get out of your head and into action and actually make an impact on the world…

For your friends… for you family… for your community… for YOU!

Because YOU DESERVE to live an incredible life and feel awesome about what you do.

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