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Monday’s Content and Course Materials 

Download and begin reading The Prosperous Coach HERE

This is our primary textbook in the Academy. Read it. Study it. Highlight it and take notes on it. Read it again. Refer to it constantly. 

Most importantly it describes the 4-Step Client Creation Strategy we use. 

Connect. Invite. Create. Propose. 

Download and begin reading How To Become An Imperfectionist HERE. 

The disease of perfectionism (and it’s a disease because it kills our dreams) is most prominent in the following forms: fear of failure, procrastination, rumination, over concern with what others think, all or nothing thinking, and an inability to complete projects.

You MUST remember this in order to best help your clients because...

Most of them will be suffering from perfectionism.

Perhaps you as well. You’ll see.

As a matter of fact, you will come to learn that the solution to perfectionism, which is a disease rooted in fear, is to take small steps and set smaller, more realistic goals.

Basically the solution is to get into action NOW by beginning to develop small habits to achieve your goals....

And this is essentially what the Lucrative Coaching Academy 4 Rebels is about. 

Since we want to be coaching we start coaching NOW... 

And since we want to coach people, we start inviting people to have a powerful experience of our coaching for free NOW. 

Download and begin reading The Rebel Rules every day HERE

These are the 6 Rules we live by in order to make an impact on the world NO MATTER WHAT. 

And that’s what a Rebel is... 

Someone who has made that decision and is fully committed. 

The Rebel Rules are also the solution to all the perfectionist tendencies I’ve mentioned above. 

Add reading them every day to your morning practice or ritual. 

Once-a-month Happy Hour

Every 3rd Friday of the month from 5:30pm to 7:00pm EST, anyone enrolled as a current or future LCA4R student can meet me on my Zoom for a great time of letting loose and having some fun, taking some action toward connecting—letting them know we are coaching—and inviting—inviting them to have a powerful experience of our coaching for free. 

We will take turns calling people on speaker phone or messaging people and saying things like...

"I’m coaching now and just wanted to let you know!"... or... 

"In case you haven’t heard yet, but I’m in an exclusive coaching training program curated by a world-class coach, and that means I am available to offer you a powerful, hour-and-a-half experience of my coaching for free! What do you say?"

While I don’t drink, I invite you to drink! 

It will certainly alleviate some of the fears of connecting and inviting! 

Let’s have some fun! 

Meet me on my Zoom on the third Friday of the month anytime from 5:30 to 7:00pm →

(You don’t have to be on the call the entire time - just pop in, like you’re going to happy hour!) 

If you haven’t see this yet, find the most recent version of our Academy’s description HERE

Remember that I am always available to you...

Facebook message me HERE

Email me HERE

Or text or call me at +1-917-284-5138

Love, John T Strasser

World-class coach. Top of the business. Creator of miracles. Lover of people. Relentless servant. Rebel.  

The story you tell is the life you live.