Johns Proposal

The question to start proposal:

Would you like to hear about how my coaching works? 

About me:

I have been in the self-development since April of 2009…

I am a recovering alcoholic with 10 years of sobriety...

I studied in India... spiritual traditions—based on not so much of what you believe but on action…

My education...

I am a goal-focused, results-driven coach. I focus on goals and taking action toward achieving the goals with an awareness that it’s not only about the goal—it’s also about who you become along the way:





Willing to fail

Willing to slow down to speed up 

Someone who no longer waits, who takes action right away

As a coach, my responsibility is not to solve my client’s problems. It’s to help them see what they cannot see and support them in solving the problems they didn't know they have. 

I rely heavily on my intuition..

I’m in it with my clients, meaning I am pursuing many of the same goals they are pursuing, and I certainly experience many of the same challenges they experience. 

My brand is Rebel Against Yourself, and I created it for me… because I need it…. because the only thing in the way of my dreams is my mind, which would like nothing more than for me to give this all up and get a job. But I am committed to living by the Rebel Rules to the best of my ability, and I encourage my clients to do the same. 

I have a coach who coaches me on coaching, and his coach is Rich Litvin—one of the most respected and successful coaches in the world. 

I am also in an elite group coaching program in which I get access to training from Joseph McClendon once a month.

Proposal: (from The Prosperous Coach—page 211 The Litvin List)

With my one-on-one coaching, we focus on 5 areas

1—Clarifying your vision—get really clear on what you want to create over the next few months, 6 months, and a year, which could take some time or at least change over the course of time. 

Often we think we want one thing, but what we really want is much bigger than we previously imagined or it’s completely different. (Could tell story of client in Stockholm, Sweden) 

2—Your why—what’s the purpose behind what you are creating? What’s the goal behind your goal?

Knowing your why is essential because it’s where the drive comes from to keep going when you want to quit or procrastinate or try to make something perfect. 

I help my clients create a Why Power Statement—similar to an incantation—understanding and believing that you were created to make a greater impact on the world and it’s your duty—and also that you deserve the life you envision. 

3—Belief—getting to the core of the limiting beliefs holding you back—the lethal beliefs (because they kill your dreams)—we will always be looking at them. 

See, one of the challenges for human kind is that we believe things are the way in which they appear. But usually they are not. Usually they’re not true. They only true because we make them so through our thoughts. A belief is just a thought we continue to think. We can change our beliefs by changing how we think—by beginning to believe a New Truth. 

4—Mindset—most important—adopting the the Rebel Rules and the Rebel Mindset, developing the a High Impact morning practice, learning to use Visualization techniques, writing incantations and high-impact affirmations. 

5—The How—the strategy to create what you want, which is usually very simple… because reasons come first, answers come second. Once you know exactly what you want and why you want it, the how to get it will come. (Maybe offer story... Daniel branding coach)

Working with me, we meet 2 times a month—on the telephone or video conference calls. 

I am available in between coaching sessions via text message, email, or phone call—my mission is to help and your support you in crushing goals. 

I prefer to coach my clients for 12 months— for two reasons. 

First, a year is the perfect amount of time to create something really huge—we work on short-term goals, but the real focus is on what can we do in a year

And second reason is I love to see my clients total transformation.

For 1 year of coaching, your investment is $8000 a year. 

I ask for $1400 down—and then it’s $600 a month for the remaining 11 months ($6600). 

But if you’re willing to pay for the entire year up front, I offer a big discount. 

It’s $7000—you save $1000. 

Does this sound like something you'd like to do?

Your investment for 6 months is $4500. 

It’s $1000 down—and then it’s $700/month for the remaining 5 months ($3500) 

The discounted rate for paying up front is $4000—you save $500. 

Does this sound like something you'd like to do?