Certified Insight Coach and Rebel Janet Taylor


My clients are those men and women looking to level up one or more aspects of their present day living. Whether it be business, relationships, finances, kids, health or charity, there is a desire to go further. A desire to grow and uncover more of what they are capable of. A desire to contribute to the lives of others as well as their own. A deep feeling that they are meant for more.

My clients understand that achieving one’s potential is a journey. That journey is different for each of us. That journey may not be completely clear yet, but in taking the time in getting to know my clients individually, we work together in achieving that clarity.

My clients understand the importance of having someone that is willing to ask the honest, hard questions they themselves are afraid to ask. I am a coach willing to listen to what my clients are and are not saying. I am a coach willing to help my clients break down their successes, their goals, their achievements or missed chances; their desires and fears that will propel them to their next desired level in life. 

To connect and see if I can help you achieve your next level in your life, contact me at the number or email below. 

Phone: 613.851.9374

Email: Janet_ETaylor@Hotmail.com

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