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Welcome to the Lucrative Coaching Academy 4 Rebels... people who have decided to make an impact on the world NO MATTER WHAT! 

That’s you!

And the way we are going to make an impact is by becoming powerful coaches committed to serving and offering value to the world. 

That’s it! 

Rather than focusing on the amount of money or the number of clients we create, we are going to focus on serving. 

And as a result, the money and the clients will come in avalanches of abundance—this has been my experience. 

When all that mattered was doing what I thought and what experts said would bring me money, I ended up bankrupt. Literally. 

When, however, I stopped seeking the money and started seeking to serve without attachment to income or outcome, the money and the clients came and they’ve continued to come. Fairly easily, especially as I’ve stayed focused on taking the most important actions to create clients, instead of allowing my mind to convince me to do all kinds of other things except what really matters. 

This is a huge part of the Academy...  staying focused and keeping each other focused. 

When it comes to creating a lucrative coaching business, only two actions matter… 

Creating clients and coaching powerfully...

This is the entire focus of the Lucrative Coaching Academy 4 Rebels. 

While traditional coaching schools train their students to employ a multitude of different coaching techniques and exercises with their clients, this practice is NOT very helpful and certainly never creates powerful coaching experiences. 

Powerful coaching comes from...

You guessed it... powerful questions! (I’ve already told you this a bunch, right?) 

Through the Academy, we’re going to learn how to coach for insight by asking deeper and deeper questions in order to guide our clients to find their own truths. 

When we can do this with consistency, confidence and ease, we will have mastered the art of coaching powerfully. 

The other problem with traditional coaching schools is that they leave out the most important aspect of creating a lucrative coaching business…

They never teach their students a proven framework to create clients. 

And without this skill, new coaches are left with only knowledge and no ability to build their business. 

The process of creating clients is truly an art, and it’s one that from this first week of the Academy to the last, we are going learn how to master through practice. 

Practice. Practice. Practice. Nothing else matters. 

It’s very simple, and the good news is that it doesn’t require social media, funnels, podcasts, YouTube channels, email marketing, or any kind of expertise with technology. 

It only requires a willingness to develop the habit of rebelling against yourself, which means you begin to no longer allow your mind to keep you from taking action or taking the right actions. 

Again, it’s all about focus. 

Ask yourself each day, "What is the one thing I can do that will help me create clients and serve them, while growing my coaching skills and confidence?"

The answer is probably connecting and inviting...

Connecting with people and letting them know you’re coaching, and then inviting people to have an experience of it. 

"I'm coaching now, and I would love to coach you. I offer an hour and half powerful coaching experience for free, and I would love to offer one to you. How does this sound?"

Or... "Who do you know who would be interested in having an experience of my coaching? I offer... " 

Our group coaching calls take place the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 7:00pm EST. 

I’ve sent all of you Google calendar invites for the following calls: 

Wednesday, July 25 @ 7pm EST—Introduction Group Coaching Call #1 - 

Wednesday, August 8 @7pm EST—Group Coaching Call #2

Wednesday, August 22 @7pm EST—Group Coaching Call #3

Wednesday, September 12 @7pm EST—Group Coaching Call #4

Wednesday, September 26 @7pm EST—Group Coaching Call #5

Wednesday, October 10 @7pm EST—Group Coaching Call #6

Wednesday, October 24 @7pm EST Group Coaching Call #7

Wednesday, November 14 @7pm ES—Group Coaching Call #8

Wednesday, November 28 @7pm EST—Group Coaching Call #9

Wednesday, December 12 @7pm EST—Group Coaching Call #10

*Academy ends Wednesday, December 19, 2018 (just before the New Year when everyone is ready to finally make significant changes in their life) 

To attend the weekly group coaching video calls, access my Zoom link here... 

Academy Coaching Calls Etiquette

Please log onto the group coaching calls 5 minutes early. 

Please wear headphones or ear buds. This will prevent echoing and background noises from disturbing us. 

Please be at home or in a quiet place (not on the treadmill or driving). 

Please be on your computer rather than on your cell phone. The calls just work better that way. 

Please have pen and paper and take notes. 

And most importantly, please come ready to participate....

Great coaches are great clients, and great clients are curious. They listen deeply. They ask questions. They take the coaching process very seriously... because it is...

This is serious in that you have the opportunity to radically change your life and the lives of your present and future loved ones by doing everything it takes to create a lucrative coaching business. All you have to do is show up and try your best.   

YOU create your own reality, and so do I. 

My life as a full-time coach focused solely on becoming world-class and creating an incredibly successful business and brand is amazing...

Every day, I do whatever I want, whenever I want... 

I am in charge of every aspect of my life...

This, in my view, is the real goal in life...

And it’s a reflection of my ability to become more and more fearless. 

My coach, Steve Chandler, (who by the way is one of the top coaches in the world and is now your "coach’s coach") says, "In all quests for success, what people really want is to be fearless." 

This is you now. On your way to fearlessness. On your way to this new and amazing, abundant life. 

It is done. 

Loving and supporting you, always, 

John T Strasser

World-class coach. Top of the business. Creator of miracles. Lover of people. Relentless servant. Rebel. 

PS: when you get into the action of doing what you really want to do in life, you become unblocked. Fear no longer keeps you from accessing what’s inside of you. A year ago, for example, I could not have written all what I’ve written here, not in an hour or so at least. I was too blocked in fear - too concerned with outcome and what you might think - too stuck trying to make things perfect. When, however, I started to develop the habit of rebelling against myself and being more fearless, things changed. And things will change for you as well. 

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Free PDF Download of The Prosperous Coach HERE.

Free Audio Download of The Prosperous Coach HERE.

Co-authored by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler, this book might become our textbook. It’s dedicated to the process of creating a prosperous coaching business, and it details the 4-step client creation process. 

I highly recommend you purchase the Audible version of this book and make listening to it regularly a habit, something you do without thinking. 

Free Download of How To Be An Imperfectionist HERE 

Written by Stephen Guise, this is one of the most important books you will read. It identifies and dissects the main problem for 95% of the world (in my estimate)—which is perfectionism. Most of your clients will have no idea they are suffering from this disease, but what will resonate with them are these characteristics of it... 

Fear of failure, procrastination, over concern with what other people think, extreme organization or planning, getting ready, waiting for conditions to be perfect in order to take action, doing everything else except what’s really important. 

As a matter of fact, a writer friend of mine and someone with perfectionist tendencies (I prefer never to define myself or others as perfectionist) posted this on Facebook the other day...

"Give me a writing deadline and leave me unsupervised and I’ll have the house clean in no time."

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