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3 questions in 3 minutes of true Rebels—people who have decided to make an impact on the world NO MATTER WHAT! 

Mark Genco, the author of  “Inner Jiu Jitsu: Become unbreakable, focused, and ready to win in any situation by mastering your inner game” talks about—his favorite Statement of Power—the most important character strength he suggests—and the number 1 rule he lives by. 


Vick Tipnes, hugely successful entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Blackstone Medical Services, and online influencer talks about—the most important thing you should do each day—how to get over what other people think—and why he consistently responds to his followers’' comments.

Amy Jindra, yoga, meditation, and tantra teacher and a true goddess and Rebel talks about—how to separate yourself from your thoughts—the most important result of meditation—and the most important rule she lives by.