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Coaches Playing Full Out, Creating Clients Through Focus, Intention, Connection, and Service 


As a group of powerful coaches and creators, beginning Wednesday, March 27 at 8pm EST, we will meet on Zoom conference calls every other week for 4 months. 

Our collective intention is to create clients through focus, intention, connection, and service. 

When it comes to client creation, what poses a challenge for most coaches is fear…

The fear of failure, the fear of not looking good, and the fear of what others will think when we offer to help them. 

With Full Out Creators, then, we’ll be transforming fear into fun by playing games…

We’ll play the 30-Day Connect and Invite Game, the 30-Day Service Game, the 90-Day Money Game, and the 30-Day NO Game. 

All of these games come out of the communities of Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler, and all of them will help us stay focused on doing only what matters to create clients… 

This is the essence of Full Out Creators.

This program is by invitation only. 

In addition to joining a supportive environment of powerful coaches using the best client creation practices in the world, you will receive weekly materials within an online course platform as well as the opportunity to coach and be coached by your peers. 

Full Out Creators Dates

April 10 - 8 to 9pm EST

April 24 - 8 to 9pm EST

May 8 - 8 to 9pm EST

May 22 - 8 to 9pm EST

June 5 - 8 to 9pm EST

June 19 - 8 to 9pm EST

July 3 - 8 to 9pm EST

July 17 - 8 to 9pm EST

July 31 - 8 to 9pm EST

August 14 - 8 to 9pm EST

August 28 - 8 to 9pm EST


John Strasser believes that life’s too short to keep f*cking around.

After overcoming a multitude of challenges including alcoholism, homelessness, and a chronic heart condition, just before his fortieth birthday he went on to earn a master’s degree from Columbia University, studying South Asian religious traditions, before eventually creating his coaching and speaking business, Rebel Against Yourself.

By no longer waiting for conditions to be perfect to take action, in just the last year, John has gone from making absolutely zero money and zero impact in this business to making six figures, putting on coaching workshops, speaking to corporations, creating a coaching academy, and even leading clients on pilgrimages through India.

He is grateful to serve you.

Email: John@RebelAgainstYourself.com

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