Certified Insight Coach and Rebel Brandt Cothren


Man. Husband. Father. Grandfather

Coach. Servant

My life has been incredibly blessed.  Finding my purpose and becoming a coach has been one of the largest blessings.  I have received an incredible amount of love, experience and guidance from amazing people like John and now its my turn to give back.  

I have lived through many relationship struggles and problems, and have found true love as well.  I have the experience and understanding to help you also discover what true, lasting love looks like and how to live it. 

Whether you are in a new relationship and want to make it last, or you’ve been in your relationship for a while and it’s just not going anywhere, I can help.  

The relationship you want is there for you to find.  I want to be the one that helps you see what it is and how you can live it.