Life Coaching

My father died when I was 18, my mother when I was 30.

Every morning I complete a significant spiritual practice—45-minutes to an hour. I write gratitude, journal about fear, repeat affirmations, visualize my future, meditate, and in that highly connected state plan my day.

The morning practice is a gift to myself, and it is by far the single MOST IMPORTANT thing I do in life.

Without it, I couldn’t do what I do. I would shrivel up in fear and find a job.

When I meditate, I listen to the Pearl Jam song, “Release.” Eddie Vedder created it to help him deal with some of the pain he felt from his father’s death. It’s a super deep song and 10 minutes long.

(It's HERE.)

One portion goes…

“Oh dear dad can you see me now?

I am myself like you somehow

I'll wait up in the dark for you to speak to me

How I've opened up, release me.”

Life Coach

As I meditate with this song, I envision myself visiting my parents at my mother’s house, the house she lived in when she died.

In my mind and therefore in my reality, I am actually there with them.

We always embrace, my mother giving me a big hug and my father doing the same, although we sometimes start finger wrestling. We did that a lot when I was kid.

After that, I envision a blue light that simultaneously rises out of both their heads and enters my body.

It’s their love and energy and wisdom.

It’s like my daily spiritual recharging coming from infinite beings who are now a part of Infinite Intelligence, which you might call God.

Lately, since I got Boo Boo, my dog, I’ve been bringing him along. My parents adore the little guy!

The point, though—there are three…

First, what I see in my mind’s eye and feel and believe in my heart is my absolute reality. I am visiting the spirits of my parents, and they are supporting me, encouraging me, telling me they are proud of me, and offering me insights and suggestions in ways I couldn’t do on my own.

In other words, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

Second, I am unstoppable now. I have the backing of the entire Universe.

I’ve always had it, but I didn’t have such a powerful way to access it.

And third, you have access as well.

Everything is there for you, waiting.

To begin, set aside time...

Close your eyes...

And imagine what you love most or find most beautiful in the world and release all expectations. Whatever they are, whatever they mean.