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It’s holiday time—time for family and friends, many of which you don’t see on a regular basis.

You love spending time with some of them, while others leave you frustrated, ready to throw your eggnog across the room.

No worries, though, I am here to help.

Enter The Rebel Rules.

1. I have decided to make an impact on the world no matter what.

2. I AM not waiting anymore—NOW is the best time and the only time.

3. I AM no longer concerned with what anyone else thinks.

4. I ignore the fear of failure—I AM willing to fail.

5. I AM untouched and unfazed (The Rebel Mindset).

6. I take action regardless of what my mind says.

Rebel Rule #5—I AM untouched and unfazed—is perfect to employ in situations like this.

This is the Rebel Mindset.

Rebel Rule #5 is about no longer allowing any internal and external negative influences to affect you in any way.

It’s your commitment to a powerful attitude and new way of living and feeling.

But how do I stay untouched and unfazed, you may be asking.

There are 3 ways.

First, “I AM untouched and unfazed” is an incredible affirmation of the truth you want to believe about yourself and consistently experience.

Along with the other Rebel Rules, keep it near you.

Read it every day, and when you find yourself in a frustrating situation with challenging people, refer to it.

Say to yourself, “I AM untouched and unfazed” and allow the power of the I AM statement to resonate through your being.

In life you can either choose to become overpowered or empowered.

It’s your choice.

Next, when you begin to feel frustrated or upset or sad about something, remember that…

The way you feel is based on the meaning you give things

And YOU’RE THE ONE giving the meaning.

The question is, “Are you giving empowering meaning or disempowering meaning?”

Ask yourself, “How can I see this annoying guy differently?”

“How can this situation actually be good?”

“How can I find some gratitude?”

When you change the meaning you give things, the things to which you give meaning... change.

And as a result, you change...

You feel different…

And you remain untouched and unfazed.

And finally, another way to implement Rebel Rule #5 is to change your focus.

Here’s the truth.

Whatever you focus on, you will find—whatever you search for in the world or in yourself will show up.

This is Universal Law.

People call it the Law of Attraction. Or Karma. Or the Law of Cause and Effect.

Or they say “Like attracts like” or “what you think about you bring about” or “what you resist, persists.” 

But essentially, all of these principles are based on the fact that energy flows where focus goes.

This is how the Universe works.

The Universe is unbiased—it does not interpret, evaluate, or discriminate.

It actually functions just like the Facebook algorithm.

When you scroll through Facebook and stop to watch videos of puppies playing—whether you like dogs or don’t—Facebook gives you more puppy posts.

The same is true in life. When you focus on something—whether it’s good or bad—you will experience more of it.

So get disciplined and change your focus!

This holiday season when you’re annoying uncle starts being more annoying than ever, change your focus.

Focus only on what serves you and disregard everything else.

Stay committed to Rebel Rule #5 and you will stay untouched and unfazed in any situation.

If you’d like to download a free copy of the Rebel Rules, you can do that HERE.