Life Coach

Recently I told a coaching client to text me each day after she does what she committed to doing—in order to help her stay accountable.

And while I’m not a big proponent of accountability—in my experience it works all the way until it doesn’t—it’s what she needed and asked for.

But like many people, my client was concerned checking in with me is too much to ask, so I explained to her that...

What you give you get, and the more you give the more you get.

This is the Law of the Universe.

With business and with life and especially with relationships, the more you put into serving other people, the more it will come back to you in the form of money, clients, friends, opportunities, experiences, happiness, fulfillment… whatever your heart desires.

My coaching business model is…

Do anything I can to make sure my clients succeed.


This is what I teach the apprentices in our Academy through teaching as well as action. I actually do it.

And by putting this whatever-it-takes attitude into action, I am making a bold statement to the Universe, affirming that…

I always have more than enough time…

I always have more than enough money…

And I always have more than enough energy.

And then this becomes my reality.

If you’re more scientifically inclined—regardless of your spiritual beliefs, understand it this way:

When you give away some of what you have, it teaches your subconscious mind that there’s more than enough.

And once your subconscious mind believes that, it goes to work to create that reality in your life!

So give what you cherish the most—you time, your money, and your energy—and in return, you will be given so much more!