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One of my coaching clients and I share the same challenge…

We feel like we never get enough done and our daily to-do list never ends. 

For me, it’s both a Lethal Belief—a limiting belief that has the power to kill my dreams—and the truth of my reality. 

While I try to remember that what I get done each day is exactly the amount I’m supposed to get done, my to-do list actually never ends. 

It becomes a dreaded piece of paper I either save for the next day or transfer its contents onto a new to-do list. 

But as a Rebel—someone who has decided to make an impact on the world no matter what—I can change that. 

And I have. 


The Rebel Results Daily Planner! 

Taking some of the most insightful suggestions on productivity and The 80/20 Rule from Brendon Burchard, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins, I’ve created a 12-step system to help you stay focused on accomplishing what truly matters each day. 

It’s much more than that actually… 

The Rebel Results Daily Planner and it’s 12-step system will help you: 

  • Recover over a lack of productivity

  • Start your day in the best way

  • Create more time in your day

  • Stop wasting time checking your email

  • Learn to rely more on your intuition

  • And achieve your #1 goal in life

In addition to the system itself, I’ve created a video that takes you through each of the 12 steps with commentary from those 3 great leaders and speakers I just mentioned. 

To get started, download the Rebel Results Planner HERE...

And watch the following video: