Life Coaching

Lately I’ve been experiencing some fear, especially in the morning as I awaken.

My mind is focused on expanding the life coaching school I run, The Insight Coaching Academy, and I’m concerned things won’t go as planned.

Basically, I have some fear of failure, which I know is normal and shouldn’t faze me and should, in fact, empower me—but I forget.

I am fortunate, however, that today I recalled something I learned from Marianne Williamson, which I wrote about in a journal last year.

When I was living in New York City, I was on her volunteer team and spent a couple of years assisting at her weekly lectures.

I always got something from her talks, but one particular night it was as if Marianne was speaking directly to me.

Life Coach

Early in her lecture, she talked about the importance of doing things in the service of others for the sake of helping people get what they want.

She said, “You can never achieve greatness if you are thinking that there is nothing more important going on in your life then you getting what it is you think you want.”

She added, “And if you think you need to make something happen then you’re coming from a belief that it is not already happening. Therefore you are coming from a core belief based on lack.”

What she said back then made me realized 2 things:

All I’ve been thinking about is getting what I want—enrolling many more apprentices in our coaching academy next year than I did this year.

And in this regard, I’ve been focused solely on MAKING it happen.

Marianne also said that night, “If you have a new project try to avoid the consciousness of ‘I’ve got to figure out how to make this happen.’ Move into a higher evolutionary plateau of…

‘Dear God, if this can be of use, I place it into your hands. If it can contribute, serve people, or uplift the energy of the world of which I am a part, then take me to that place where I am imbued with that consciousness.’”

As I reflected on her wise words, I realized that I’ve been lost in self, thinking only of what I want and how I can make it happen.

When I maintain this kind of consciousness I become closed off from all the possibilities God has for me...

I vibrate at a lower-level frequency, too...

And then I attract lower-level experiences into my life.

But when I maintain a consciousness of service, giving, and love, the opposite is true....

I vibrate at a higher-level frequency, and the doors to the abundance of the Universe open to me.

It’s all about intention.

My dominant intention NOW is to continue to help people fulfill their purpose of becoming a life coach… if in doing so I can contribute, serve people, and uplift the energy of the world.

That’s better, and that feels better.

By the way, A Course In Miracles teaches us that our mission on earth is to be miracle workers—and miracle is defined as “a shift in perception from fear to love.”

A miracle has just occurred for me. ❤️, John