Life Coaching

I have an incredible coaching client, a passionate and determined woman who reminded me of this great truth of the coaching business.

“As coaches, our job is to do what our clients won’t. Period.”

I'm coaching her as well as teaching her how to become a world-class coach, a life-changer, and creator of miracles in the lives of her clients.

She has a client whose dream job is to design the windows at a boutique furniture and home goods shop in California. Apparently they have beautiful windows.

Her client has a ton of fear, so when they got off the phone, she Googled the shop and then called.

She asked, “Who does your windows?” and then talked to the woman there for a while.

As my client described the story, I got chills. I could hardly wait to find out what happened—what she did for her client.

I told her this, and she told me that it wasn’t even her that made the call.

She said, “It wasn’t me on the phone.”

For her I believe it was almost an out-of-body experience as she found herself calling California to inquire about making her client’s dream come true.

She asked the lady if she would consider hiring her to do the windows, and the lady said she would.

“I’m in so deep at this point,” she told me.

In the end, she tells the lady, “Maybe I’ll pop in and give you my card one day.”

At that moment, I felt so inspired I began crying.

It was an incredibly heroic act, in my view—a true example of what coaching is about.

As coaches our job is to do what our clients won’t—what they won’t and what they can’t because the fear is too great.

Our job is to be fearless for the sake someone else, regardless of the fear we feel.

And when you do this, you find that being fearless for others is the path to the most extraordinary sense of fulfillment, one that brings chills through your entire body and drives you to lean further into your own fears.

Our job is to be fearless because that’s what people really want, and that’s what people really need.

That’s what the world needs, actually.

What the world needs are people who are willing to become fucking fearless for the sake of others, and in doing so ultimately free themselves.

My client said, “I Googled the shop and picked up the phone and called because if I can’t do that then I can’t coach.”

“Her fear of starting is my fear.”