Life Coach

I am NOT waiting anymore.






My whole life I’ve been waiting…

Waiting for conditions to be perfect in order to take action.

Once this happens, I’ll do that.

Once that is okay, I’ll do this.

Once I’m finished, I’ll…

You know what the insane Truth I’ve learned since creating Rebel Against Yourself and learning to live by the Rebel Rules?

The longer we wait—the more time we spend getting ready—the harder it is to take action!

It’s counter intuitive. You would think that getting perfectly ready and fully prepared to do something would allow you to do it more easily…

It would make stepping through the fear of failure or letting go of what we think others think - easier…

But it’s not true. Waiting doesn't work.

This is a phenomenon, actually. It’s real, but how and why does it happen? It doesn’t make rational sense.

So I have committed to not waiting anymore for conditions to be perfect or for me to be perfect or for me to become perfectly ready.

Rebel Rule #2 is “I am not waiting anymore—NOW is the best time and the ONLY time.”

NOW is the best time and the ONLY time because…

Life’s too short to keep f*cking around.