Life Coaching

Over here at the World-class Rebel Coaching Command Center, where we support people in crushing their fear of failure, which is the single most detrimental fear, keeping them from trying and thriving in life, we have white boards—8 directly in front of me on the wall and a huge one to my right.

On one of them, I have a list of my limiting beliefs alongside my unlimited beliefs—the beliefs I want to remind myself to remember instead of the limiting ones.

Conscious creation begins with just that… a consistent process of reminding myself that “I’m possible” rather than “it’s impossible.”

And it’s about reminding in the sense that I must remember what’s possible because I forget—we forget…

And it’s about re-minding myself—I must continuously refine and train my mind to believe what’s possible.

Life Coaching

Napoleon Hill, in the most important self-help book ever written, Think & Grow Rich, most famously says, “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

That’s it—there’s nothing else…

I conceive of what I want in life, and then I take action to believe I can achieve it…

I make lists of my unlimited beliefs…

I create a vision board with all my goals in picture form…

I use affirmations and incarnations and I commit to an everyday-no-matter-what spiritual practice…

I do whatever I can to stay focused on what I want to achieve because “What I think about I become—what I focus on I find.”

This is Rebel Reality #1—the Rebel Realities being the latest addition to the Rebel Against Yourself brand—and it’s the essence of the nature of our reality.

What you think about you become. What you focus on you find.

That’s it—there’s nothing else.

Through this process of dream achievement and self-realization, my main goal is each day—which I don’t always achieve by the way—is to stay focused on what I DO WANT rather than WHAT I DON’T WANT.

That’s it—there’s nothing else.

And do you know what I don’t do when it comes to goals?

I don’t get stuck on HOW I’m going to achieve them.

Asking how is one of the biggest barriers to success. It’s a dream a killer, a way for your mind, the mind you must rebel against, to keep you from taking action.

If you want to know HOW to do something, Google it.

And just so you know, powerful world-class coaching is not about HOW…

Consulting is about HOW.

Powerful world-class coaching is about WHAT and WHY…

“What do you want to create in your life? Why haven’t you created it yet? Let’s go deep and find out.”