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Since this past Monday, every single morning I’ve been reading “The Oath of Manifestation,” which begins with the paragraph in this meme, describing all the unexpected things I intend to receive.

This past Friday, the 5th day of reading it, I received a text message from a close friend…

He said his company wants to hire me to speak at their annual meeting…

And the message came one day after we (at Rebel Headquarters) began creating a page on our website to book speaking and workshop gigs at corporations.

It’s incredible what happens when you focus on what you want while letting go of how it’s going to happen.

And I must say that there are no coincidences.


When you create an intention and begin to focus on it—in this case receiving unexpected good, unexpected money, and unexpected prosperity—the Universe as well as your subconscious mind goes to work to make your intention a reality.

See, in order for an intentional thought or a desire to become reality, it needs a catalyst—something to energize it. And the best catalyst are empowering emotions, which come from consistent spiritual practices, like reading the “Oath of Manifestation.”

You know why?

Because they feel good, and the Universe hears not what you say but rather what you feel and then gives you more experiences that reflect those same feelings.

And then, while the Universe doesn’t hear what you say, your subconscious mind does.

And once your subconscious mind believes what you are saying, it will go to work to make it your reality!

This is the Law of the Universe and truly the secret to manifestation.

It’s about feeling good and speaking the most empowering words as well as taking consistent actions toward your goals.