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There are no coincidences.

Started scrolling through Facebook recently, and I immediate read a dear friend’s post in which she wrote, “I’m really starting to understand the essence of self mastery is in consistency.”

Literally seconds earlier I was reading notes from a group coaching call I was on last year with Joseph McClendon in Carolyn Rim’s Inner Circle.

Life Coach, Life Coaching School, Life Coach Certification

I actually had the chance to ask him a question, so I asked about massive action.

I explained that in the Tony Robbins community we hear a lot about “taking massive action,” and I think we all have different ideas on what it means.

Many people think it means working really hard, while others think it means taking bold actions, such as signing up for a big event or extensive training.

And then my question to him was “How to you define massive action, and for people who consider massive action to mean they need to work really hard, how do you reconcile that with spiritual teachings that tell us success doesn’t come from hard work—it comes from ideas and feeling joy and slowing down?” (which has been my experience)

Joseph said that massive action is consistent action. Whatever we do, he explained, we must be consistent—that’s what matters most.

It was exactly what my friend wrote!

It’s amazing how you get exactly what you need exactly when you need it… as long as you’re ready!

There’s a great saying, which is “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

When I stay ready, I am much more consistent. And when I’m consistent, especially for a decent period of time, I am unstoppable.