Life Coach

I think I’ve always been challenged when it comes to believing I deserve better or deserve more. Maybe I was born that way, or maybe I was raised that way.

I coached someone one time who didn’t believe we deserve anything—that everything in life must be earned.

Her life, then, reflected that belief. She had to work really hard and didn’t have a lot.

I don’t know what we deserve, but I do know that what we get is what we believe.

So when I was newer to coaching, I began recognizing in my clients the same limiting beliefs I held in myself, and I decided to believe differently.

And in terms of deserving, I decided to believe that I deserve better and I deserve more.

Why not?

And since a belief is just a thought we continue to think, I began a regular practice of repeating the following affirmation every day so that over time I would believe it…

“I deserve to live an incredible life of my own creation—for all I’ve been through and overcome and for all I now do to give back to the world—I deserve it and I live it!”

And do you know what happened?

I came to believe it.

And then do you know what happened?

I came to live it—I’m living an incredible life of my own creation.


Because I deserve it—for all I’ve been through and overcome and for all I now do to give back to the world!

Use my affirmation.

It works if you work it—if you consistently use it to train your mind.

This is the essence of Rebel Against Yourself.

We all have a part of our mind that wants to keep us stuck in life…

And the only way out is to make a decision to be in charge of our mind and then begin to systematically take charge through the repetition of more empowering statements, thoughts, and eventual beliefs.

That’s it—there’s nothing else…

Develop the habit of regularly asking yourself, “Is what I’m thinking, saying, or believing serving my higher purpose or sabotaging it?”

And if it's not, change it!

Because what you continue to think, say, and believe is your reality - it becomes your life.