India Is The Most Incredible Country!.png

This is so crazy yet so normal!

This an Indian immigration officer at the airport here in New Delhi who handled my entrance last night when I arrived.


After handing him my passport and visa, he started asking me the normal “what’s the purpose of your trip” questions.

Then he seemed a bit more curious beyond what’s normal for his position.

He asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I was a life coach, and that really piqued his interest.

He asked me how I helped people, and I tried my best to explain what I do.

He then asked how I help people who have panic attacks.

I basically said that’s a big issue, and it comes down to fear—but I’m not a panic attack expert.

I explained that I help people achieve their goals and overcome their challenges and dream bigger and see more clearly what’s possible for their life.

In the conversation I mentioned often sharing YouTube videos with my clients, so he asked me to recommend some for overcoming fear…

And write them down on my printed visa!

He gave me a pen, and while other immigration officers were stamping visitors’ passports left and right, I was writing a list of recommended YouTube videos (all of Michael Neill’s stuff, by the way)!

Then he asked how he could contact me later!

I gave him my business card and then I asked him if I could take his picture with it!

The whole time I was wondering “is all this allowed?”

He said, “Taking pictures is against the rules, but why not!?”

In what other country would something like this happen?


This story epitomizes India.

It’s the most wonderful yet craziest place ever, and what would never make sense anywhere else is normal here.

And it’s truly the why-not culture!

I’ve asked people to drive their taxis and drive their rickshaws and been told “why not?”

I literally know how to drive a rickshaw, which is the three-wheel motorized deathtraps they drive people around in.

I’ve driven ox-carts. I’ve been taken on tours of restaurant kitchens and gone behind the scenes in every kind of temple from every kind of religion in the world here… simply by asking.

Man I love India.

The Rebel Pilgrimage India begins this Sunday, and we are going to manifest THE MOST extraordinary experiences, mostly just by asking for what we want.

There’s no other country and people that better exemplify the spiritual principle “Ask and you shall receive.”