Life Coaching

Let me tell you that doing what we do ain’t easy.

Creating online inspirational content and putting yourself out there in an honest and open way opens you up to massive criticism, especially on Youtube, which is a much more anonymous platform than Facebook.

Either way, though, on both platforms I’ve been ridiculed, insulted, and had people say the meanest, most hurtful things ever.

But you know what?

It helps me toughen up...

It helps me care less about what others think…

And it helps me remember that while standing on the sidelines is easy, being in the game ain’t.

Oliver Emberton said, “The only way to avoid pissing people off is to do nothing important.”

Lately I’ve had a couple of people directly tell me I’m an attention getter, and one person even shared her opinion on my Facebook timeline. I want to share with you...

John, by all means you have this right to express yourself, but after watching your first bunch of posts, I got very tired of your relentless attention getting. Good for you and your personal growth. I know how good it feels to find out you're appreciated, but there is a fine line from sucking for attention and giving attention to others. Goodness, for months now I have been skipping over your posts, and my self protection from this new series of self centered posts is to cancel you and bid you farewell.

Awesome! Normally, I never respond to negativity or judgement. In fact, I can’t recall ever doing it before…

Because I know that what I resist persists.

The more I resist people like you, the more you show up in my life.

But in this case, it’s too important not to respond, and it will help others who read this.

It's so interesting how your perception of me is utterly different than that of most people.

This is more of a reflection of who you are than who I am because…

We see in others what we feel and believe about ourselves.

In reality, I am a relentless servant to the world. I give more time to others on a weekly basis without anything in return than most people give in a year.

I've literally spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours creating powerful, inspirational affirmation and meditation videos—all of which have never given me a single penny in return.

I also read and respond to nearly every single comment people leave on my posts, and it ain’t easy. It takes time—often a lot time.

But you know why I do it?

Because it makes people feel good.

Moreover, last year I created Rebel Against Yourself, which already has helped so many people.

Do you know why?

Because it resonates with them at their deepest level.

Like you, many people make the mistake of believing that things are the way in which they appear.

But usually they’re not.

We must rebel against the part of our mind that believes the things that are not actually true.

You believe that what I’m doing is “relentless attention getting” and “sucking for attention.”

But the way you are seeing it is completely wrong.

What I am doing is helping to change the world for the better.

I am serving as an example that regardless of what you feel or fear, you can step through it, take action anyway, and make a difference.

To be completely honest, going on Facebook Live and walking the streets of Manhattan in order to inspire people is not exactly what I want to do. It can be very, very challenging, often embarrassing, and sometimes dangerous.

But I do it because I have a purpose...

I do it because it helps a lot of people...

And I do it because I am a Rebel.

Rebel Rule #1 is I have decided to make an impact on the world NO MATTER WHAT...

And I will keep doing that regardless of what you or anyone else thinks or says.