Life Coach

Heading to NYC and after boarding the plane and exiting the terminal, the AC broke and we had to go back to the terminal to get it fixed.

Amongst the sighs and groans, I am untouched and unfazed...

I am committed to not allowing any negative situation or influence or even person to negatively affect me.

As MC Hammer said, “You can touch this!”

Life Coach

Here’s what I know...

There are two paradigms in which we have a choice to live...

Victim or Creator.

In the Victim Paradigm everything is happening to me.

Life is unfair.

And I am powerless.

In the Creator Paradigm everything is happening for me.

Life is limitless.

And absolutely nothing outside of me is any match against the Power within me.

Our life, it turns out, is a perfect reflection of what paradigm we consistently choose to live in.

Choose Victim and life sucks. Choose Creator and life is amazing.