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As a goal-focused, results-driven Rebel Coach, I support my clients in achieving their goals.

And one of the greatest challenges to their ability to succeed is their inability to stop being in motion and start taking action.

Let me explain.

Being in motion is when you’re busying doing something, but what you’re doing will never produce a result…

While taking action actually produces results.

Here are some examples from my life…

—Motion is planning and preparing to write this blog, while action is writing this blog.

—Motion is ordering the Fast Metabolism Diet book, while action is eating according to the diet.

—Motion is creating a webpage to offer people the details of my upcoming pilgrimages through India, while action is directly reaching out to people and asking them if they are interested in going.

—Motion is signing up for the next Tony Robbins seminar to get more connected to the people in his community, while action is calling the people in his community I’m already friends with and further developing our relationship.

You get the point.

The difference between doing things that get you ready and doing things that get you results is an extremely important distinction to be able to make…

Because if you’re mostly in motion and rarely in action, then it will take you much longer than necessary to achieve your goals.

And the longer it takes to get into action, the harder it becomes to get into action.

I know this from my own experience as well as from the experience of my coaching clients.

As empowering as momentum can be, lack of momentum can be just as disempowering.

Truthfully, it all comes down to one thing…


Fear of failing. Fear of criticism. Fear of looking stupid.

And as a result of the fear, our mind—the part of our mind we must rebel against—convinces us that being in motion is making progress.

What to do?

Here are 3 solutions:

1—Stay aware.

Remember to ask yourself, “Am I in action or in motion? Is what I am working on right now going to give me a result or just get me ready?”

2—Create a schedule.

Decide to take action on certain days, perhaps at certain times. I’ve been exercising each afternoon, for example, usually at 2pm—and I’m not researching the best exercise routines—I’m just doing it.

3—Add the Rebel Rules to your daily practice.

I created them to help us stay in action and out of our head. The underlying theme behind all of them is immediacy. They’re about not waiting and wasting time and getting caught up in the delusion that what we’re doing is getting us somewhere, when it’s not.

1. I have decided to make an impact on the world NO MATTER WHAT.

2. I am not waiting anymore—NOW is the best time and the only time.

3. I am no longer concerned with what anyone else thinks.

4. I ignore the fear of failure—I am willing to fail.

5. I am untouched and unfazed.

6. I take action regardless of what my mind says.

Remember, the process of setting and achieving goals is not just about the goals…

It’s about who they become along the way…





Willing to fail

Willing to let go of what others think

Wiling to take action no matter what

In other words…