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The Rebel Pilgrimage India 2018 is done and was a huge success and a huge failure!

It was a huge success in that we grew spiritually, had so much fun, and served a ton of people in across three Indian states in four ways...

Helping to feed thousands of people at a massive Sikh temple...

Working with developmentally disabled adults at Mother Teresa’s home in Varanasi...

Life Coach

Speaking to and sharing hope with alcoholics and drug addicts at a residential rehab facility...

And the biggest one... helping the sick and dying at Mother Teresa’s home in Calcutta, the original one where her legacy began in the 50s.

The Pilgrimage was a failure in that I had an intended outcome—many more participants and an experience with far less challenges—but I didn’t achieve that outcome, which is failing in the most positive sense.

See, nobody wants to fail, and because of their unwillingness to fail, most people never try.

Trying is succeeding, even when we fail—when we don’t achieve our intended outcome or when things don’t go “perfectly.”

Failing in its truest sense is not trying—not taking action.

And let me say that I freakin’ took action and did something insane!

I just created a pilgrimage across the Indian Subcontinent and in doing so helped make a massive impact on the world.

This is the essence of the Rebel Against Yourself brand, and it’s truly what it means to be a Rebel.

Rebels are committed to making an impact on the world no matter what, and they take action regardless of what their mind says (Rebel Rules #1 and #6).

What was just an idea earlier this year became a reality through deep intention and massive action, which as Joseph McClendon says is consistent action.

I am what I do consistently, and what I am committed to doing consistently is being a Rebel. ❤️