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A dear friend and coaching client just asked me to describe my #1 goal this year.

I told her it’s to be average and have an average year.

Being average is an idea that comes from Steve Chandler, one of my coaches, and Michael Neill, another world-class coach.

They didn’t put it in the context of having an average year—it’s more about productivity and how doing an average amount over time toward our goals leads to incredible results.

To me, being average and having an average year is about being consistent and realistic, knowing that what I do consistently and consistently well will lead to more consistent happiness as well as greater consistent impact on the world. And that's ultimately my #1 goal this year and in life.

As a matter of fact, there’s a wonderful slogan from 12-step recovery that comes to mind right now…

Easy Does It.

Easy Does It is about setting realistic goals and working to achieve them with the kind of rhythm and grace you see in nature…

It’s about slowing down and really experiencing life in the present moment…

And it’s about being average, which, when you’ve tried for most of your life to be exceptional (see pic), is a welcomed new path.

My friend, may YOU have whatever it is that YOU desire this New Year.

PS: My intention for our company this past year was to NO LONGER wait—to take action before we were “ready,” which is Rebel Rule #2. Check out all we've created in just the past 14 months by NOT waiting.