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There are no coincidences.

Started scrolling through Facebook recently, and I immediate read a dear friend’s post in which she wrote, “I’m really starting to understand the essence of self mastery is in consistency.”

Literally seconds earlier I was reading notes from a group coaching call I was on last year with Joseph McClendon in Carolyn Rim’s Inner Circle.

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I actually had the chance to ask him a question, so I asked about massive action.

I explained that in the Tony Robbins community we hear a lot about “taking massive action,” and I think we all have different ideas on what it means.

Many people think it means working really hard, while others think it means taking bold actions, such as signing up for a big event or extensive training.

And then my question to him was “How to you define massive action, and for people who consider massive action to mean they need to work really hard, how do you reconcile that with spiritual teachings that tell us success doesn’t come from hard work—it comes from ideas and feeling joy and slowing down?” (which has been my experience)

Joseph said that massive action is consistent action. Whatever we do, he explained, we must be consistent—that’s what matters most.

It was exactly what my friend wrote!

It’s amazing how you get exactly what you need exactly when you need it… as long as you’re ready!

There’s a great saying, which is “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

When I stay ready, I am much more consistent. And when I’m consistent, especially for a decent period of time, I am unstoppable.

Life Coach, Life Coaching School, Life Coach Certification

Since this past Monday, every single morning I’ve been reading “The Oath of Manifestation,” which begins with the paragraph in this meme, describing all the unexpected things I intend to receive.

This past Friday, the 5th day of reading it, I received a text message from a close friend…

He said his company wants to hire me to speak at their annual meeting…

And the message came one day after we (at Rebel Headquarters) began creating a page on our website to book speaking and workshop gigs at corporations.

It’s incredible what happens when you focus on what you want while letting go of how it’s going to happen.

And I must say that there are no coincidences.


When you create an intention and begin to focus on it—in this case receiving unexpected good, unexpected money, and unexpected prosperity—the Universe as well as your subconscious mind goes to work to make your intention a reality.

See, in order for an intentional thought or a desire to become reality, it needs a catalyst—something to energize it. And the best catalyst are empowering emotions, which come from consistent spiritual practices, like reading the “Oath of Manifestation.”

You know why?

Because they feel good, and the Universe hears not what you say but rather what you feel and then gives you more experiences that reflect those same feelings.

And then, while the Universe doesn’t hear what you say, your subconscious mind does.

And once your subconscious mind believes what you are saying, it will go to work to make it your reality!

This is the Law of the Universe and truly the secret to manifestation.

It’s about feeling good and speaking the most empowering words as well as taking consistent actions toward your goals.

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Procrastination is a dream killer, and it’s a subtle one at that…

It comes in many forms, but in the end, it’s the result of listening to the lies our mind tells us.

Believe me, I know all about it, and I am here to tell you that you can change.

Every single person who ever accomplished anything great made a decision to getting moving in life.

So if you’re waiting because you’re mind is telling you that conditions must be perfect…

Or you must be perfect…

Or later is a better time…

Then you can make a decision to live by Rebel Rule #2 and take back control of your mind and ultimately your life.

Life is about living NOW!

I have a client who I’ve been coaching for nearly a year.

He’s now learning how to become a Rebel coach, and recently he decided to get his first client.

I asked him, “When do you want to get a client by?”

He said…

(The best answer ever)…

“By tonight!”

I said, “Yes!!!”

I said, “Brother, you have graduated—you fully embody the principles of Rebel Against Yourself!”

It was a joyous moment for both of us… not only because he really got what I've talking about, but also because when you begin to live your life NOW, you become happier… life is more joyous… and you have more to celebrate.

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Wasn’t long ago that it was just idea, one of many, many ideas.

I had completed my 50-day Facebook Live Challenge, and from all the stuff I said, what resonated most with people was me talking about the importance of rebelling.

“There comes a time in life when we must rebel,” I specifically remember saying.

Afterward two or three people reached out to me privately and expressed how much that idea meant to them.

At the same time, a friend on Facebook who lives in England, someone I hung out with in a hostel in San Francisco years earlier, offered to help me create a brand.

After several months and countless mastermind seasons on video calls, Rebel Against Yourself was born.

Life Coach, Life Coaching School, Life Coach Certification

What was just an idea has become a reality. A thriving coaching and speaking business and a real brand with real ideologies that truly help people.

What was just an idea has become a series of workshops taking place in different cities and soon even different countries.

And what was just an idea has become a list of principles to live by - The Rebel Rules - that will without question transform your life. If you commit to them.

And while it’s all working out now, it took a ton a work, a willingness to fail, and a willingness to offend.

Not everyone agrees with the idea of rebelling against themselves, but it works...

Because if you’re like me, then YOU are the only one standing in the way of your dreams.

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This is my favorite abundance principle of all time! I learned about this a few months ago, and since then I’ve had the most fun with it and also made the most money…

Here’s the idea…

It’s important to physically connect with money. Most people need more money, but they have a negative relationship with it.

Money is wonderful, and in order to have more of it, we need to love it—we need to develop a relationship with it—we need feel it and admire it.

We also need to smell it.

Money has a distinct smell, and since our subconscious mind connects with the senses, it can create from a smell.

So each morning, take a bunch of cash and smell it.

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This picture is $1000—a couple of hundreds, several 20s, 10s, and 5s, and 500 ones.

I started out with a few hundred dollars, but holding and smelling this money brought me so much joy that I had to withdraw more and make the stack huge!

As you smell your money, say, “I love money, and loves money! I am at one with a tremendous amount of money!”

Keep doing that consistently, and you will become a magnetic attractor of money. Money will come to you in avalanches of abundance!

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Had a magical experience...

After checking in to the Buddhist Temple here in New Delhi, I found out today is the Buddha’s birthday, a very auspicious day and cause for great celebration.

It’s believed he was born 2,562 years ago today, and I had no idea before arriving. What timing.

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In honor of the Buddha’s birth, the monks living here and lay practitioners prepared a ton of food for the community.

Then, this evening they offered a special prayer service, which included a dharma talk from Geshe Dorji Damdul, the former longtime translator of Dalai Lama and a very significant figure in Tibetan Buddhism.

Geshe reminded us that “all phenomena arises from causes, and all causes begin with our thoughts…”

In other words, what we think about we bring about.

It was exactly what I needed to hear exactly when I needed it.

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All I have to do is stay focused on the positive rather than the negative - meaning show kindness, avoid anger, and stay in a state of appreciation - and I’ll be a happy...

And other people will be happy too...

Because one of the greatest gifts we can give others is to be happy ourselves.

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Recently I posted my new Personal Internal Commitment—that which I am committed to achieving NO MATTER WHAT…

Becoming a world-class coach…

A coach that is operating at a completely different level than other coaches…

And a coach that in one phone call can radically transform the direction of your entire life.

World-class coach. Top of the business. Creator of miracles. Lover of people. And relentless servant.

This is me. It is done. And so it is.

Here’s the point…

After making this commitment and sharing it publicly, I have been inundated with opportunities and ideas to become what I am destined to become.

Yesterday, for example, the intuitive idea suddenly came into my mind that I need to block out time each day—two hours to grow my coaching craft, reading, studying, and taking notes—all to share with clients and eventually the world.

And while this one of those Captain Obvious ideas, what’s intuitive about it is the new perspective I am taking…

The two hours each day is not a necessary action—it’s a gift…

I am gifting myself this sacred time, and as I commit to receiving this wonderful gift…

I become more open to receiving all the gifts the Universe (or God) has for me…

And as a result, most importantly, there’s less resistance…

And with less resistance, I can accomplish anything.

And so can you. Our limited life is the result of our limiting beliefs and seemingly unlimited resistance.

As a matter of fact, I'm in an exclusive group coaching program, and in it we create a Definite Major Purpose Statement, a powerful tool from Napoleon Hill's book Think & Grow Rich.

Here's part of mine, which describes my life this coming December 31st.

"It is New Year’s Eve today, and I am free of all the limiting beliefs that limited every aspect of my entire life for nearly my entire life.

My lifestyle now reflects my new unlimited believing.

My car, my home, and my relationships illustrate the abundance that is available to each and everyone of us when we get aware and we get honest and stop allowing limitation and fear to block us from our true Divine nature.

I am what I am, and if what I am is not what I want, then I’m blocked—I know this, and I now have a solution."

World-class coach. Top of the business. Creator of miracles. Lover of people. And relentless servant.

It is done.

You will one day see me at the top of the business.

And that day is coming soon.

Rebel Rule #3: I am no longer concerned with what anyone else thinks.

Rebel Rule #1: I have decided to make an impact on the world NO MATTER WHAT.

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A dear friend and coaching client just asked me to describe my #1 goal this year.

I told her it’s to be average and have an average year.

Being average is an idea that comes from Steve Chandler, one of my coaches, and Michael Neill, another world-class coach.

They didn’t put it in the context of having an average year—it’s more about productivity and how doing an average amount over time toward our goals leads to incredible results.

To me, being average and having an average year is about being consistent and realistic, knowing that what I do consistently and consistently well will lead to more consistent happiness as well as greater consistent impact on the world. And that's ultimately my #1 goal this year and in life.

As a matter of fact, there’s a wonderful slogan from 12-step recovery that comes to mind right now…

Easy Does It.

Easy Does It is about setting realistic goals and working to achieve them with the kind of rhythm and grace you see in nature…

It’s about slowing down and really experiencing life in the present moment…

And it’s about being average, which, when you’ve tried for most of your life to be exceptional (see pic), is a welcomed new path.

My friend, may YOU have whatever it is that YOU desire this New Year.

PS: My intention for our company this past year was to NO LONGER wait—to take action before we were “ready,” which is Rebel Rule #2. Check out all we've created in just the past 14 months by NOT waiting.

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Was at the gym this morning, and a personal trainer kept telling his client, “You gotta be relentless! You gotta be relentless!”

As he was saying that, I thought, “What if the guy’s incapable of being relentless?”

Essentially this trainer is a coach, and from my experience coaching, telling someone how they need to be does not work.

This is how most coaches coach, yet they don’t understand that for the most part we already know how we need to be…

We just can’t be it…

We need help, not being told, “You gotta be it!”…

We need help understanding WHY we can’t be it—what’s blocking us.

Perhaps there’s a fear we weren’t aware of...

Or a tendency to self-sabotage…

Or a deep seeded feeling of unworthiness that keeps us from shining in life.

Let me give you an example.

I coached an incredibly talented and intelligent woman. She has a PhD from Harvard.

When we started working together, she said her PhD was not good enough and explained how it keeps her from succeeding.

I asked her a powerful coaching question, which comes from Byron Katie… “Is that thought true?”

She said yes.

I then asked her, “Can you know absolutely that it’s true—that your PhD is not good enough?”

She said no.

I then asked, “How do you react when you believe thought?”

She said that she feels hopeless about her life and her job, and she doesn’t try hard or aspire to be better.

I then asked, “Who would you be without that thought.”

“Happier,” she said. “More inspired.”


So this was just the beginning for her, but the point is that you can’t transform your life until you understand the truth of it…

And radical change comes from insight…

Because when you experience a significant insight, it gives you energy. And it’s from this new energy that a willingness to take massive action arises.

Willingness from some personal trainer saying, “You gotta be relentless” or some life coach saying, “I’m going to hold you accountable” doesn’t last very long.

But the kind of willingness that comes from within does.

Once my client realized that her ability to be happier doesn’t come from how valuable her degree is—it comes from how she thinks about her degree and that SHE’S in control of how she thinks—her life quickly got better.

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I went to visit my cousin in South Carolina recently, and driving there gave me a ton of time to consider my thoughts and begin to question them, which is a process I learned from Byron Katie.

As I listened to Katie’s talks in the car, I reflected on a relationship of mine that had recently ended.

I had been dating someone, and after a few weeks, I started to think that we didn’t have enough in common and she’s not a good match for me.

Up until then, though, we had gotten along well, and the relationship seemed to have great hope.

But at a certain point, that’s not what my mind told me…

And it didn’t take long for me to end the relationship.

I remember how much it made sense at the time—how much I believed what I had been thinking. I also remember how shocked she was when I told her it wasn’t working out.

So in the car, on the topic of my recently ended relationship, I asked myself the 4 questions Byron Katie suggests we ask.

“This woman is not a good match for me... Is that true?”

“Maybe… Or maybe not.”

“Can you know absolutely that it’s true.”


“How do you react when you believe that thought.”

“With her I end the relationship. With other women, I do the same.”

“Who would you be without the thought (that this person or nearly all women are not a good match for you)?”

“Probably in an amazing, yet not perfect, relationship with a lovely woman.”

This process of inquiry is life-changing because it allows us to see reality, and as Byron Katie says, “Reality is always kinder than imagination.”

I imagined that what was a nice relationship working out well would never work out well in the end…

And then I believed that thought and caused myself and this person to suffer.

As a life coach, I coach for insight—I help my clients see what they cannot see, and I teach our coaching apprentices to do the same.

At a particular point on the coaching calls, we often ask, “What’s the Truth now?”

Well I asked myself that question in the car that day, and what I came up with is this…

When I told her it wasn’t working out, she was SO SHOCKED because IT WAS working out.

And after believing the lies my mind tells me, perfectionism is the real problem here…

It causes me to believe that someday I’ll find the perfect relationship with the perfect person with whom I'll enjoy the perfect life.

And even though I know it’s not true—it’s absurd really—the thought is alluring. It’s so attractive to believe. And it’s also prolific—it’s been showing up in my mind my entire life.

Thanks for reading. You know it’s amazing what you realize when you begin to question what you’ve realized.