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A 3-month apprenticeship focused on mastering the art of coaching powerfully and creating clients

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What’s Insight Coaching? 

The highest level of coaching that the world’s top coaches use to create powerful coaching experiences for their clients.

We get into action immediately, and immediately we get results. 

Creating clients is truly an art, and it’s one that from the first week of the Academy to the last, you will learn how to master. 

What we’re doing and teaching works for everyone.

As long as they take action and follow the steps. The most time it has taken apprentices to create paying clients is 3 months, and the least time it has taken is nine days. 

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Meet Sara Joy Madsen.

An apprentice from the Class of December 2018, Sara wrote this in her second week…

“Right out of the gates of officially launching my coaching business, I designed a Facebook masterclass to generate interest in my coaching and ZERO people signed up. Ouch.

But John and the everyone in my Academy class were cheering for my FAIL. And because of that, I was unafraid to fail.

I was the star of the fail parade in our Facebook group and I was lauded and adored for my EPIC FAIL. Who does that?! It was awesome.

I was, therefore, also unafraid of going back out there and trying again in a new way to create clients. And it was less than 5 days after my epic failure that I achieved an epic WIN… I signed my first paying client, my dream client!  

John and the community he created gave me the confidence to dust myself off immediately and remember that our successes are built upon learning from our failures and actually celebrating them. 

If you want to build a powerful, fearless coaching practice, you will get the guidance and support you need with John Strasser and the ICAAP.”
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By the end of week two, Sara ended up creating two paying clients, and then by the end of week six, she created two more clients, one at $500 a month and another at $650 a month. 

By the end of her apprenticeship, she created 9 paying clients.

Ask Sara any questions HERE.

Meet Andres Ruiz.

An apprentice from the Class of December 2018, Andres wrote this in his second week…

“I just had a coaching call yesterday with a prospect. It was very powerful and deep. This guy almost cried. I used some of John’s techniques he taught us and damn it was powerful. I am really excited. I feel more confident than ever, and I’m just getting started. John really helped me out with some simple tips that I never even thought of. This Monday and Tuesday I already have 2 more coaching calls booked! I just keep connecting with people and inviting them to a coaching call with me. This stuff works.”

By the end of his Apprenticeship, Andres coached more than 30 people and create 5 paying clients.

Ask Andres any questions HERE.

Meet Jay Clement

An apprentice from the Class of February 2019, Jay wrote this…

“I have to say, being in your coaching program has absolutely without a doubt changed my life in immeasurable ways. I have never been more excited about helping people and making an impact on their lives. Thank you. 🙏🏻 (and I would not say that about anyone)”
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Jay’s story is incredible. In just 3-months time, Jay logged more than 70 hours of coaching and coached 51 people! And he did this while running his organic coffee shop in upstate New York. 

By the program’s end, Jay created 3 paying clients and then sold his coffee shop to become a full-time Insight Coach.

Ask Jay any questions HERE.

Meet Brenda Allen

An apprentice from the Class of February 2019, Brenda wrote this…

“You are amazing John! Honored to be coached by you and to coach you. The ICA has been an awesome journey with you! Thanks for creating this academy! It is by far the best coaching program I have ever been through! It has changed my life and my coaching practice! I’m honored to follow in your coaching lineage.”

By the end, Brenda created 4 paying clients and transformed into a completely different person… confident, courageous, and willing to fail.

Ask Brenda any questions HERE.

Meet Janet Taylor

An apprentice from the Class of February 2019, Janet wrote this…

“I cannot stress enough how amazing John’s approach to life coaching has been for me.

As someone who has dabbled in coaching training and personal development for years, this experience with the Insight Coaching Academy has allowed me to truly fulfill my coaching dreams in 3 short months.

With methodology based on “The Prosperous Coach” and his own experience as a coach, John has you jump right in to being a coach within your first week.

I just finished hosting my first live event this week after only a few months of coaching because I not only have the skills, I have the hands on coaching experience!!

Thank you John for sharing this unique style of coaching with me and I am looking forward to the rest of the year of empowering clients and changing lives!!!!”

Janet is amazing. After doing her first coaching workshop, she is now doing workshops every month in her hometown of Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

Ask Janet any questions HERE.

The Insight Coaching Academy Apprenticeship Program Details

ICAAP is an apprenticeship, so it’s totally different than other coaching schools. It’s about one-on-one mentoring and learning to coach by coaching a ton. 

In Week 1 we immediately teach you the basics of coaching, and then we have you coach me so that in one call, you learn how to coach. I make sure of that—I show you exactly what to do step by step. 

Next we match you up with a coaching partner. You coach that apprentice one week, and then they coach you the next so that you keep growing your coaching skills. 

After that, you attend the first of 7 group coaching calls with everyone in the class—9 other apprentices—we keep the classes small. 

I lead the calls, and I do some teaching, but I dedicate most of the time to having everyone coach each other. One coach becomes the client, while the other coaches take turns asking powerful questions and coaching for insight. 

Then every other week, on the weeks you don’t attend the group coaching calls, we offer you a 1-hour, one-on-one coaching call with me or another Certified Insight coach. Sometimes we coach you. Sometimes you coach us. But you always get to ask questions, and we give you any support you need. 

I’ll be honest—there is NOTHING I won’t do to make sure you succeed. If you need more support, more one-on-one calls, just let us know. It’s free. 

Meanwhile, every Monday we give you incredible coaching materials—videos, audio’s, PDFs, case studies, coaching tools. All of that so that you can share with your clients what the top coaches in the world share with theirs. As a client of Steve Chandler, I have access to incredible content from him, and that’s part of what we give you. 

We also offer video tutorials for every aspect of technology in this business. So if you don’t know how to do something, like set up PayPal or Moonclerk to accept payments—or send Calendar invites on Google calendar—or do a Zoom video conference call—we show you exactly how to do that. 

We give you every single thing you need to be successful. If you want to post on Facebook to offer people a powerful experience of your coaching for free, we give you the posts that we’ve written that turned into paying clients. 

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The ICAAP Structure

The program is 12 weeks long or 3 months, and in the first month, in addition to all the coaching you’re going to be doing, you’re going to start connecting with people. We play the 30-Day Connect Game, which allows you to overcome any fear that you might have around reaching out to people and letting them know you’re coaching. As you connect, you will have the opportunity to coach prospective clients and turn them into paying clients. It’s very common for apprentices to create income right away. 

In the second month, you’re going to focus on inviting and creating—that’s inviting prospective clients to experience your coaching and then creating the most powerful coaching experience you can by guiding toward insight. Coaching for insight is the most effective coaching there is, and it’s what makes people want to work with you. So in the second month, we play the 30-Day Invite game, and that’s what REALLY helps you to start creating paying clients. 

And then in the third month—the last month—it’s all about proposing, which is everything because “no coaching agreement takes place outside of a coaching proposal.” So in order to create clients and get to a point where you’ve left your day job, you have to be proposing. 

And to be honest, the challenge for most apprentices is the fear around talking about money and what they’re worth and getting NOs and having people not ready to sign up yet. So in order to overcome that fear, we play the 30-Day NO Game, and there’s nothing more helpful to getting YESs than celebrating the NOs. 

So that’s the structure of the program. It’s all about momentum. You connecting, inviting, creating, and proposing right away. You doing that consistently through the three months is how you build the momentum you need to create a thriving coaching practice and an amazing life.

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The End

At the end of the 12 weeks, it’s time to celebrate because you receive your Insight Coaching Certification!

At that point, you’ve coached a minimum of 50 hours—most people log 70 or more hours—you’ve created paying clients, and you’re super confident and really, really great at coaching. 

And now that you’ve graduated, you really focus on creating more paying clients. 

This is a completely different model than the other coaching schools out there that charge $10,000 or more. With them it’s 6 to 10 to 12 months, and then when you graduate, you start from scratch. With our Academy, when you graduate, you’re already going.

Then we also do some amazing stuff. We feature you on our website. You get your own webpage with your own bio, picture, and contact details on our website. This way you don’t have to worry about developing a website. Here’s an example: RebelAgainstYourself.com/sara

We also feature you on our Facebook business page, which has more than 30,000 followers, and we allow you to post content on there so that if you want to use social media as a way to bring exposure to yourself as a coach, you don’t have to try and build your own following or brand—you can use ours. 

Then the final thing is we offer you an additional 9-months of support. You continue to have access to coaching partners. You have access to one-a-month group coaching calls with other graduates. And then during that time, you work towards accruing 200 more hours of coaching so that once you hit 250 hours, you receive your Advanced Insight Coaching certification. And that’s included, It’s free. So you become a Certified Insight Coach, and then you become a Certified Advanced Insight Coach. 

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