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A 3-month apprenticeship focused on mastering the art of coaching powerfully and creating clients


What’s Insight Coaching? 

As Insight Coaches, we begin with the premise that the starting point for all life advancement is an exploration into what’s really true, and the outcome we seek with our clients is the realization of that truth.

Our intention is to help them see their world differently because when they change how they see their world, their world changes...

And as a result, they show up differently and begin to create in ways that were impossible just moments before.

Seeking insight is the highest level of coaching. 

See, when our clients experience a massive insight, it gives them energy, and it’s from this new energy that hope, excitement, and most importantly, a massive willingness to take action arise. 

In the coaching business, most people assume that a coach’s job is to give advice or suggestions or hold them accountable. 

But it’s not. Our job is to create the space for an insight to occur—one single, powerful, life-altering insight. 

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How Do We Coach For Insight?

1. We ask powerful questions.

Questions have the power to change lives because they allow clients to think for themselves, they cause them to create solutions they believe in, and they inspire them to take action on their ideas because THEY created them.

Asking questions allows us to recognize in our clients their inherent power as well as the incredible possibilities that exist as they learn to look within themselves for the answers, for the ideas, and for the inspiration.

When we can do that—when WE begin to see what’s possible, THEY begin to see what’s possible and then their life shifts…

And what may have taken weeks to transpire using other coaching methods can happen in a matter of minutes using ours. 

2. We listen deeply.

We listen for understanding rather than agreement. We listen for what is alive in our client that hasn’t been spoken yet. And we listen for what they repeatedly say—for what is signifying their pain points and what might be blocking them. 

We can listen deeply consistently without becoming distracted, we help create a space for insights to occur.

Steve Chandler, my coach and one of the co-authors of The Prosperous Coach, says, “Being willing to listen to your clients is the best preparation ever.” 

3. We ask permission. 

Asking permission redefines the relationship between the coach and the client. 

Rather than being in the superior role by constantly making suggestions or telling our clients what to, we remain peers by gently asking permission. And then as a result, they experience a greater sense of equality, which helps them feel more comfortable and ultimately be more honest, leading to deeper and more effective coaching calls.

4. We slow the conversation down.

Slowing down the coaching conversation allows our clients to catch the insights that arise.

See, as coaches and even as clients, our minds tell us that the faster we go, the further we get—that on a call, the more we can help or suggest or go over, the better of an experience it will be for the client…

But the reality is that the faster we go, the further we distract our client from seeing the truth.

5. And we show up empty and know less

This is a technique from Rich Litvin, the coach of my first coach and the other co-author of The Prosperous Coach.

Rich believes that showing up to coaching calls with no agenda and no preconceived ideas as to where the conversation should go is what creates powerful coaching experiences.

His process is simple. He might begin by asking, “What would make this conversation life-changing for you?”

And then he might ask, “Why is that important?”

And then he waits.

And then he might ask, “Are you open to going deeper into the question?”

And then he waits.

And then he gets curious and asks another question… but what he does most importantly is he makes sure that the question he asked is completely answered before asking another. 

This slow, methodical style of coaching based on showing up empty and knowing less is the essence of Insight Coaching.

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What Is The Insight Coaching Academy Apprenticeship Program? 

The Insight Coaching Academy Apprenticeship Program (ICAAP) is a 3-month program focused on mastering the art of coaching powerfully and creating clients. 

Through small classes and one-on-one mentoring, each apprentice accepted into ICAAP coaches at least 50 hours before earning their Insight Coaching Certification. Most apprentices coach between 75 and 100 hours during that time. 

Since creating ICAAP this past year, we’ve proven that the fastest way to become a professional coach and build a successful business is to begin coaching and creating clients IMMEDIATELY.  

As we like to say…

If you want to become a coach, then you have to start coaching. 

This is a simple idea, but it’s amazing how nearly all other coaching schools spend months and months teaching large classes of students the theories and methodologies behind life coaching with very little time actually coaching …

And for this reason most coaching businesses are dying.  

According to the International Coach Federation, only 12% of coaches are making $100,000 or more a year, and only 24% are making $50,000 or more a year. 

This means that 88% of coaches are making less than 8 to 10 thousand dollars a month, and 76% of coaches are making less than 4 to 5 thousand dollars a month. 

In other words, nearly all coaches—at least three quarters of them, are not making enough money to live, which means their businesses are dying. 

Now there are three reasons to explain why most coaching businesses are dying… 

1. The way most of the coaches in the industry have been taught to coach is not very effective and not very powerful.

2. Most coaches don’t have a real method to create clients.

3. Most coaches are waiting forever to get started, and as a result, they get stuck in fear. 

I personally know at least 7 people who have gone through long-term coaching schools—they spent months and months studying and thousands and thousands of dollars in tuition fees—usually $10,000 to $12,000 to become certified coaches. And then once they graduated they never started coached. You know why? 


See, what nearly the entire industry doesn’t understand is that the longer you wait to do something—the longer you prepare and get ready—the harder and the scarier it becomes to do it. 

Now this is absolutely counter-intuitive. You would think that spending months preparing would make the doing easier, but it doesn’t.

Let me give you an example. I have friend who went through one of the largest and most expensive coaching schools in the U.S.

The school includes in its $12,000, 10-month curriculum “three 30-minute sessions with a dedicated Success Coach.” 

A month before he graduated, my friend posted on Facebook how he’s offering pro-bono sessions. 

He wrote, “As many of you know, I've been on a 9 month journey with ____ coaching school to become a certified coach… 

After a great coaching call with my practice coach, this question was born. What would it feel like to complete and submit all coursework by Feb 23rd to become certified? My stomach SANK, I became nervous, and butterflies started to roll. THIRTEEN DAYS!!!

I am looking for…One more person to offer a 1-hour pro bono session. Five people to offer a 20-30 min coaching session that represents my final exam.”

This is crazy. So after 9 months in one of the biggest coaching schools in the world, he’s scared to coach one person for one hour and 5 people for 20 or 30 minutes?

And THAT’S ALL the school requires to become certified. With ICAAP, you coach a minimum of 50 hours in 3 months. 

I remember reading his post and wondering what are they doing for 9 months?

I’ll tell you…

They’re watching modules, studying methodologies—they’re doing everything else except coaching and creating clients. 

This is like wanting to become a basketball player and you spend months and months in a classroom learning the rules. And then when it’s finally game time, you’re scared to play because you haven’t played yet. And then when you finally play, you don’t play very well, and in the end, you quit playing. 

This is what’s happening with coaches—they don’t coach well, they don’t create clients well, and they’re stuck in fear—and as a result, they give up. 

And this is why with the Insight Coaching Academy Apprenticeship Program we are committed to certifying apprentices who have become powerful coaches with confidence and (hopefully) paying clients by the program’s end.

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(This part includes the new ideas)

—Easy-to-use support videos on how to use the challenging technologies like Zoom and Google Calendar 

—Support during our 9-month Advance Track in which you can coach an additional 200 hours and received Advanced Insight Coaching Certification for free. During this time they get to attend and even lead once-a-month group Insight Coaching calls. They can keep their partners and keep coaching and accruing hours. 

—Tell them they have to have coaches after three months. Set them up with coaching peers tone their coaches. Also sell them on the idea that for the additional 9 months they can consider us one of their coaches. They’ll want a real consistent one-on-one coach - their partner - but It won’t be a stretch to say we are their coach too.

—A step-by-step structure detailing every week what you need to do through the process 

—Revolutionary ways to contend with the fear—turning the fear into fun by playing the —30-Day Connect Game, 30-Day Invite Game and 30-Day NO Game 

—Offer them a pre-packaged coaching workshop blueprint with everything they need to put on their first one. 

—midterm assessment report highlighting strengths and areas to improve toward becoming a world-class coach. 

What’s Included With The Insight Coaching Academy Apprenticeship Program? 

—A 12-week intensive apprenticeship with one-on-one mentorship

—7 group coaching calls (10 hours of coaching) every other Wednesday night

—A coaching partner to coach one week and be coached by the next week for 1 hour (12 hours of coaching) 

—6 one-on-one coaching calls with a Certified Insight Coach using the Coach The Coach method for 1 hour (6 hours of coaching) 

—Unlimited support to secure coaching clients to reach your remaining 50 hours to become certified

—Insight Coaching Certification

—Incredible weekly Academy coaching video and audio materials to support you through the process

—Continued support for another 9 months after you become certified. You won’t have the bi-weekly group coaching calls or the one-on-one coaching calls with a Certified Insight Coach, but you will still have coaching partners, weekly coaching materials, as well as access to once-a-month group coaching calls, which you will have the opportunity to lead.

—Your own unique coaching page on RebelAgainstYourself.com - you won’t need a website. Here’s an example: RebelAgainstYourself.com/sara

—Access to our Facebook business page, which has more than 30,000 likes. You don’t have to develop social media platform—you can join ours! 

—You will become a part of the lineage of the top coaches in the world: Steve Chandler, Rich Litvin, Michael Neill, and Steve Hardison. 

—And most importantly… you will get my unending support. I will offer you additional coaching calls with me for free. I will help you in anyway I possibly can. There’s nothing I won’t do to insure your success! And as long as you try your best, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! 



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