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A Rebel is someone who has decided to make an impact on the world NO MATTER WHAT.

"Making an impact" has different meanings to different people, but within the Academy it means that we have decided to become world-class coaches...

We have decided to change lives and create miracles.

And "no matter what" is a powerful affirmation and attitude because it leaves no room for going back—it’s about burning all bridges of possible retreat...

In the end we are going to be successful as coaches and create lucrative coaching businesses NO MATTER WHAT...

That’s it. There’s no other way. There’s no Plan B, no backup plan.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s already done. 

When it comes to creating a lucrative coaching business, only two actions matter… 

Creating clients and coaching powerfully.  

This is the entire focus of the Lucrative Coaching Academy 4 Rebels. 

While traditional coaching schools train their students to employ a multitude of different coaching techniques and exercises with their clients, thus giving them all the answers and all the solutions... 

It’s NOT very helpful and certainly never creates powerful coaching experiences. 

As world-class coaches in training, we are always asking ourselves, "Am I giving information or guiding toward insight?"

When you guide your clients toward their own truths and solutions, their whole world shifts...

And as a result your confidence grows and so does your coaching business.

This is the essence of powerful coaching. 

Powerful coaching comes from powerful questions. 

Through the Academy, you’re going to learn how to guide your clients by asking powerful questions, causing them to go deeper and deeper within themselves. 

You’re also going to learn how to develop, use, and trust your intuition. 

Guiding your clients and deepening your intuitive skills is a practice, something you’re committed to doing...

And it get’s easier over time. 

The other problem with traditional coaching schools is that they leave out the most important aspect of creating a lucrative coaching business…

They never teach their students how to create clients—an actual step-by-step system for the acquisition of clients.  

And without this skill, new coaches are left with a lot of knowledge yet no ability to build their business. 

And do you know what else theyre left with? 


Here’s the truth... 

The longer you spend getting ready as opposed to getting results, the more fear you will experience and the harder it becomes to finally start coaching. 

This is the distinction of being in motion as opposed to being in action

Being in motion is getting ready, while being in action is getting results.

That’s what we do.

We get into action immediately, and immediately we get results. 

Creating clients is truly an art, and it’s one that from the first week of the Academy to the last, you will learn how to master. 

It’s very simple, too, and the good news is that it doesn’t require social media, funnels, email marketing, or any kind of expertise with technology. 

It only requires a willingness to lean into your fears—gently and consistently. 

In the Academy, every week through the 20-week program, we lean into our fears more and more. 

In the first couple of weeks, the focus is on Connecting—contacting and communicating with people and letting them know we are coaching now. 

This is the first step, and while telling a sister or a best friend, "I’m a coach now" can be challenging, it’s so much easier alongside others doing the same. 

This is one of miracles of the Lucrative Coaching Academy 4 Rebels... 

We do together, easily, what we can’t do alone, easily.

What I am doing and teaching works.

At the beginning of 2016, I was in bankruptcy court after spending two years doing what the "so-called experts" said works in order to be successful in this online self-development business. 

Yet in just the last year and a half I’ve created a truly lucrative coaching business...

From absolutely zero money to being on pace to make six figures this year and so much more next year...

To coaching and helping to transform the lives of a ton of people...

To now starting my own coaching school with multiple classes! 

This is crazy...

But it’s not...

It’s simply the natural outcome of providing value to the world and serving people without expectation of receiving anything in return... 

Except, of course, immense feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment, knowing I am living my purpose. 

In the Academy, this is what we know, and this is what we do. 

We are powerful coaches on our way to world-class status, making an impact on the world NO MATTER WHAT. 

What I am doing and teaching works for everyone...

As long as they take action and follow the steps.  

That’s all you have to do in order to be successful. 

The most time it has taken students to create paying clients is four months, and the least time it has taken is nine days. 

But what’s far more important than the successes is learning how to embrace and love failure. 

And while it seems insane, it’s the single most important thing you MUST do in order to be successful in this business. 

See, most people are most scared to fail at what they want to achieve most in life... 

This is a very important truth of the human condition.

And as a result, people fail, fail, and fail. 

The real challenge is overcoming the fear of failure—not learning how to coach people or create clients...

And the best way to overcome the fear of failure is to seek failure. To embrace it. To celebrate it. To love it. 

When you can do that with consistency, you’ve mastered your life.

Meet Sara.

She’s an Academy student—Class of December 2018—and she wrote this in her second week… 

“Right out of the gates of officially launching my coaching business, I designed a Facebook masterclass to generate interest in my coaching and ZERO people signed up. Ouch.

But John and the everyone in my Lucrative Coaching Academy class were cheering for my FAIL. And because of that, I was unafraid to fail.

I was the star of the fail parade in our Facebook group and I was lauded and adored for my EPIC FAIL. Who does that?! It was awesome.

I was, therefore, also unafraid of going back out there and trying again in a new way to create clients. And it was less than 5 days after my epic failure that I achieved an epic WIN… I signed my first paying client, my dream client!  

John and the community he created gave me the confidence to dust myself off immediately and remember that our successes are built upon learning from our failures and actually celebrating them. 

If you want to build a powerful, fearless coaching practice, you will get the guidance and support you need with John T Strasser and The Lucrative Coaching Academy 4 Rebels. 

Ask Sara any questions HERE

Meet Monica. 

She’s an Academy Student—Class of December 2018—and she wrote this in her first week…

Before joining the Academy, I knew I wanted to be a coach but I was so overwhelmed thinking I had to have a social media following or email list which I don’t have. I’ve been in the Academy less than a week and already I have so much clarity because John breaks down everything and makes it simple. I am confident I can build a successful coaching practice using his process. I’ve been working towards a promotion at work for the last year and I’m not even concerned about it anymore because I know I won’t be there much longer 

In her first week, Monica was already coaching, and in her second week, she made her first coaching proposal, which was accepted. In her willingness to fail, she succeeded. 

Ask Monica any questions HERE

Meet Andres. 

He’s an Academy Student—Class of December 2018—and he wrote this in his first week…

I just had a coaching call yesterday with a prospect. It was very powerful and deep. This guy almost cried. I used some of John’s techniques he taught us and damn it was powerful. I am really excited. I feel more confident than ever, and I’m just getting started. John really helped me out with some simple tips that I never even thought of. This Monday and Tuesday I already have 2 more coaching calls booked! I just keep connecting with people and inviting them to a coaching call with me. This stuff works. 

Ask Andres any questions HERE

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The Details

The program is 5 months long. 

There are between 8 and 10 students in each class, which allows everyone to receive a ton of support.  

We meet for group coaching video calls 2 times a month. 

The calls are recorded so if you miss one, you can watch it later. 

In addition to the 2 group coaching calls, you will receive a one-on-one personal coaching call with me each month.

This is a big deal. Leaders of other group programs would never spend the time coaching one-on-one. 

But with me, there’s nothing I won’t do to help you succeed...

As a matter of fact, if you need more coaching calls with me through the month, I offer them to you for free.

In week 2, you will be assigned a coaching partner. One week you will coach your partner, and then the next week your partner will coach you. 

This is HUGE. You begin coaching immediately, and immediately you have a client, which officially makes you a coach, but without the fear of coaching for money. 

You will also be in a Facebook group. 

There we connect and get to know each other, offer support and hold each other accountable, and share our fears crushed and failures. 

Each day, Monday through Friday in the Facebook group, I upload a significant piece of coaching content, helping you to further grow your understanding of coaching. 

Every Monday as well, I upload your weekly coaching materials to our Academy webpage—audio lessons, videos, and other helpful resources—mostly from coach, Steve Chandler, known as “the godfather of coaching,” as well as Rich Litvin, one of the most famous and successful coaches in the world. I’ve been in their programs, so I have access to some incredible resources. These two, by the way, are the co-authors of The Prosperous Coach.

I include Case Studies, actual step-by-step detailed explanations of powerful coaching calls.

I provide everything I use and have used to create a lucrative coaching business—how to schedule clients and accept payments, my coaching agreements, suggestions on coaching equipment—basically whatever you need to succeed. 

I assign homework—but just enough to keep you engaged and learning without taking all your time.

This program, after all, is based on action. It’s based on the idea that if you want to be a coach, you must coach. If you want to create clients, you must invite people to have a powerful experience of your coaching. 

The process of inviting and creating powerful coaching experiences is the main objective of the Academy. 

Happy Hour

On the third Friday of the every month, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm EST, I host Happy Hour.

Anyone enrolled as a current or future Academy student has the opportunity to meet me on a video conference call for a great time of letting loose and having fun, while taking action toward our goals.

We take turns connecting with people and letting them know we are coaching now.

We invite people to enjoy a powerful experience of our coaching for free.

We call people on speaker phone or message people and say things like...

“I’m coaching now and just wanted to let you know!”


“In case you haven’t heard yet, I’m in an exclusive coaching training program, and that means I’m available to offer you a powerful, hour-and-a-half experience of my coaching for free! What do you say?”

Basically, we do things together that normally bring us more fear when we do them alone, and in doing so we turn our fear into fun!

It’s a great time and another unique benefit of being in the Academy. And while I don’t drink, I invite attendees to enjoy an adult beverage—it certainly helps to alleviate some of the fears of connecting and inviting!

This is a fully comprehensive, amazing coaching program. 

Deciding to join the Lucrative Coaching Academy will change your life and allow you to learn how to master the art of creating clients and coaching powerfully. 

In this business, nothing else matters.

Most importantly, in the Academy we have fun. 

This business of coaching can be scary.

What are people going to think? 

Am I going to be good enough? 

What if no one wants my help?

What if I tell the world what I am doing and then I fail?

In the Academy, we turn failing into fun. We play the NO Game. 

We become unblocked when it comes to money and charging people what we are worth. We play the 90-Day Money Game. 

We reach out to friends and family and anyone we can think of and offer them our coaching during our group calls. We have a great time doing it together!

We laugh.

We cry, but we still laugh.

We enjoy ourselves.

We make this business of being in business fun...

And in doing so, we succeed. 

Next Academy Class Openings

Begins Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Lasts until February 27, 2019

Group coaching calls 1st and 3rd Wednesday nights at 7pm EST 

3 spots left

Begins Monday, November 26, 2018

Lasts until April 23, 2019

Group coaching calls 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7pm EST 

9 spots left 


$695 per month of 5 months 

Total investment $3475

Creative financing available...

If you want to be in the Academy and are a good fit, I want you in and will get you in. Just contact me. 

Contact me

Facebook message me HERE

Or email me HERE

I would love to schedule a call with you and give you ALL the details as well as answer any questions! 

Love, John T Strasser

World-class coach. Top of the business. Creator of miracles. Lover of people. Relentless servant. Rebel.  

The story you tell is the life you live.