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November 4 - 16, 2018 Tentative Itinerary 

This itinerary does not properly reflect the magnitude of just how extraordinary this pilgrimage will be. 

And the itinerary is tentative because we will be guided to have the most incredible experiences in perfect reflection of our deepest intention to grow spiritually while being of service and having fun. 

This is the theme of the Rebel Pilgrimage India... spirituality, selfless service, and a lot of fun! 

Sunday, November 4: 

Begin in New Delhi—Check in to the World Buddhist Centre

—Get settled in and purchase an Indian SIM Card (your phone must be unlocked) 

—Explore the World Buddhist Centre and the surrounding neighborhood

—Possibly visit the ISKCON Temple (International Society of Krishna Consciousness/Hare Krishnas) as well as local Buddhist and Hindu Temples

Monday, November 5:

New Delhi

—Morning Buddhist Meditation with Tashi + Rebel Pilgrimage Morning Practice/setting intention for the day

—Buddhist Breakfast

—Connaught Place and Central Park, center of Delhi and major shopping area (buy some Indian clothes?) 

—Hanuman Mandir (temple) 

—Volunteer through the middle of the day to help feed thousands of people at the Sikh Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, one of the largest and most important Sikh houses of worship in the world. 

—Visit the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Shri Laxmi Narayan Mandir, and Mahabodhi Vihara Buddhist Temple.

Tuesday, November 6:

New Delhi

—Leave for ISKCON early in the morning and have our Rebel Pilgrimage Morning practice there among the monks and lay practitioners

—Buddhist Breakfast (if we can get back to the temple in time!) 

—Visit the Lotus Temple of the Bahá’í faith

—Visit Gandhi Smriti, the actual place Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated

—Possible tour of Tibetan Refugee camp area

Evening: Leave for Varanasi on an Indian Railways Overnight Train

Wednesday, November 7:

***Diwali begins today. This is one of the 2 primary Indian festivals each year, the other being Holi. Diwali is the festival of lights, and one of the most incredible places in the world to experience it is Varanasi :) 

Rebel Pilgrimage Morning practice on the train! 

Morning: Arrive in Varanasi and check in to the Hotel Ganges Grand, which is very close to the main ghat on the Ganges River


—Explore the ghats along the river

—Meet Somit, our wonderful guide and the owner of an organization assisting local underprivileged children

—Attend the nightly aarti, the most spectacular Hindu fire ritual in the world - on the first night of Diwali!

Thursday, November 8:


—Early morning sunrise boat ride on the Ganges River

—Explore some of Varanasi's most famous as well as least known temples with Somit as our guide

—Witness cremations along the Ganges

—Volunteer in the afternoon at Somit's non-profit, having fun with and teaching the children

—Attend Diwali festival activities at night

Friday, November 9:


—8am to 11am volunteer at Mother Teresa's House in Varanasi

—Visit Sarnath, one of the 4 major Buddhist pilgrimage sites and the actual place the Buddha gave his first sermon, thus starting what became the Buddhist tradition

—Enjoy Diwali festival activities at night and perhaps attend another aarti

Saturday, November 10:


—Volunteer again at Mother Teresa's if we choose

—Practice yoga at an amazing yoga ashram along the Ganges

—Final exploring and shopping

7:30pm: Leave for Kolkata on an airplane

9:00pm: Arrive in Kolkata and check in to The Peerless Inn


Sunday, November 11:


—Explore Kolkata, including the South Park Street Cemetery

—Take a train ride around our part of the city

—Visit the Kali Mandir, one of the most significant and incredible Hindu temples in India

Monday, November 12:


—Explore the city, perhaps the “New Market” (Sir Stuart Hogg Market) and Millennium Park

3pm Orientation at Mother Teresa's House

—Perhaps go shopping and as always, enjoy a wonderful dinner together

Tuesday, November 13:


—Attend early morning mass with Mother Teresa's nuns

—Spend the first half of the day volunteering for Mother Teresa 

—Explore more of Kolkata, perhaps the ISKCON Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple and the Mullik Ghat Flower Market

Wednesday, November 14:


—Spend the first half of the day volunteering for Mother Teresa

4:50pm: Return to New Delhi on an airplane

7:20pm: Arrive in New Delhi and check in to the World Buddhist Centre 

New Delhi

Thursday, November 15:

New Delhi

—Visit Askshardham, the largest Hindu temple in the world and a surreal experience

—Do whatever we feel guided to do, things we missed the first time in Delhi - such as Old Delhi 

—Final celebratory dinner on our last night together! 

Friday, November 16:

—Return home after a life-changing pilgrimage! 

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